Today, Governor Newsom supported the recommendation made last night by State

Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Thurmond, to keep all schools closed for the

remainder of the school year. Our County Superintendent, Ted Alejandre, is aligned with this

decision and recommends all schools in San Bernardino County follow this expectation due to

safety concerns, and that we continue doing our part for our community to flatten the curve and

use social distancing. Our continued partnership and support for our students will be needed

now more than ever, as we face the reality that it is unlikely we will finish the school year on our


On behalf of our Board of Education, we would like to thank our parents, teachers, classified

and administrative staff for the dedication to support and provide education in ways we never

imagined. Together, we will do all we can to continue to help every student reach their academic


Our teachers are providing distance learning opportunities. This may include teachers and

students interacting through the use of computer and communications technology, as well as

delivering instruction and check-in time with teachers. Families can access student learning

opportunities online through our district website and each school’s website beginning Friday,

April 3rd.

If families are not able to access student work online at home, you may request printed

materials by emailing . These requested materials will be available

beginning Monday or Wednesday, April 6th/8th upon request at your student’s school from

11 am-12:30 pm.

There will be many questions about graduations and grades among other things. We are

thoughtfully planning and working under the recommendations from the California Department

of Education.

For our parents of students in the Class of 2020, we will send additional information to you in

the coming weeks.

Though schools are closed, meal service to students will continue. Student meals will be

available beginning Monday and Wednesday from 11:00 am-12:30 pm at Calimesa Elementary

School, Dunlap Elementary School, Valley Elementary School, and Park View Middle School.

Monday’s meal distribution will include two lunches and two breakfasts, and Wednesday’s meal

distribution will include three lunches and three breakfasts.

Most importantly, please continue to take care of yourself and your family by practicing social

distancing, avoiding public places, and limiting contact with others so that together we can

prevent the spread of Covid-19.


Cali Binks


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