On Monday evening, Nov. 22, the Yucaipa City Council along with the San Bernardino Coun ty Board of Supervisors and the Yucaipa Swim Team, honored Mayor Pro-Tem Allan Drusys for his service to the city as he sat on the dais for a final meeting in his elected position.

Chas Kelly representing San Bernardino County Supervisor Neil Derry, issued a proclamation stating, “We recognize you for your grassroot activism, remarkable and extensive involvement in multiple leadership roles and enhancing the quality of life in the city of Yucaipa.” Kelly continued, “We commend Allen and wish him success in his retirement from official public service.”

Yucaipa Councilwoman Den ise Hoyt expressed her appreciation, “on behalf of the city of Yucaipa for your service from 1994 to 2010.” Hoyt ended, “I have enjoyed working with Allen and he has always wat ched out for what is best for all residents and I think the community owes a great deal to his service.”

Yucaipa Mayor Dick Riddell read a proclamation, “honoring and thanking Mayor Pro-Tem Allan Drusys for his 16 continuous years of service to the city of Yucaipa.” Riddell highlighted Drusys’ participation in dozens of local and regional committees on behalf of the city including, Finance Com mittee, Vector Control Com mittee, Solid Waste and Recycling Committee, City Facility Design Review Com mittee, City of Calimesa Ad Hoc Council Committee, Para medic Ad Hoc Committee, Fire Ad Hoc Committee, Aquatics Facility Committee, Animal Control Ad Hoc Committee, Solid Waste Advisory Task Board as a city delegate, Om niTrans and SanBAG.

“His years of service have been marked by the dedication of the best interest of the community … responsible financial stewardship and served city in fair, honest and open manner always voting his conscience as to what he believes to be the best for the citizens of Yucaipa.”

Riddell ended, “We’re gonna miss you Allan.”

Drusys responded, “I’d like to thank city staff and fellow council members over the years. I’m thankful for the opportunity and especially thank John Tooker and Ray Casey for helping implement some of the sometimes crazy ideas that I would have liked to have seen the city engage.”

The Yucaipa Aquatics which includes the swim team and water polo program recognized Drusys, the city council and the city of Yucaipa “for making the aquatics facility a reality.”

James Esty, a young swim team member said, “I am thankful for the pool and all the room we have to swim now and my fellow Starfish and I would like to make Dr. Drusys an honorary Starfish.” Esty then presented Drusys with a medal.

Another team member, Gerald Griffin added, “Thank you for the pool, I like how deep the water is,” then presented Drusys with a team Speedo.

Zoe Wilson give a plaque to the city of Yucaipa in recognition of the new aquatics center and said, “There are many reasons I am proud and thankful for the new pool and for giving us the opportunity to swim in a facility we can all be proud of.”

The final presentation came in the form of a $10,000 check from the swim team as their contribution to the aquatics center.

Alex Carubus said, “We had everything we needed at the Seventh Street pool; great coaches, but now we have a pool we can be proud of.”

Drusys thanked the crowd and took a seat at the dais for his final council meeting. On Dec. 6, newly elected council member Greg Bogh will be taking the seat.


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