On Dec. 17, the Board of Directors of the Yucaipa Valley Water District awarded a construction contract to Superior Tank Company for $565,668 to remove and replace an existing drinking water reservoir. The engineering estimate for the construction cost was about $625,000.

“The existing water storage reservoir was installed in the 1980’s and has reached the end of its useful 40-year life,” General Manager Joseph Zoba said. “The district staff had been monitoring the reservoir’s deteriorating condition and with the discovery of leaks on the exterior walls of the tank, a repair was not possible.”

The new tank will comply with seismic requirements with a concrete ring wall that will provide the tank a solid foundation and secure bolt down installation. Not only will the new tank be safer, but it will also be larger, increasing storage capacity from 195,000 gallons to 298,000 gallons.

“Yucaipa Valley Water District takes care to manage infrastructure in a responsible and safe manner,” said Chris Mann, district board president. “I am proud of staff for their diligence in managing our resources and taking care of the situation before it became a problem.”

The existing drinking water reservoir will be demolished and a new reservoir will be constructed in its place and providing drinking water service by this summer.

The district staff has identified three additional drinking water storage reservoirs that need to be replaced this decade. “As our infrastructure continues to age, we need to actively replace the facilities when repairs are no longer feasible or cost effective,” said Zoba.


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