Yucaipa Valley Water increases rates for the first time in 11 years

The YVWD Board of Directors vote on Jan. 21, to approve the rate increase.

The Yucaipa Valley Water District announced intentions to raise the rates on drinking water, sewer, and recycled water and on Jan. 13 held a community input meeting. It held a meeting in Calimesa two days later. A handful of opponents attended.

According to the YVWD, the increases are necessary to meet stringent sewer discharge requirements and address the infrastructure needs. Based on a comprehensive rate study, it has is determined that rate adjustments and increases are necessary for the district’s drinking water, sewer, and recycled water service charges.

It will enable the water district to recover current and long-term projected costs of operating and maintaining the drinking water, sewer, and recycled water systems, fund capital infrastructure improvements needed to repair and update the district’s aging infrastructure.

According to General Manager Joe Zoba, it will also allow the YVWD to maintain the operational and financial stability of the district, comply with State-mandated drinking water, sewer, and recycled water regulatory requirements, meet and comply with annual debt service requirements, and avoid operational deficits and depletion of reserves.

Not all in attendance were happy about the increases.

“Every year, we increase population without having the water to take care of them,” said Yucaipa resident Gary Schultzman on Jan. 13. “We buy 60% of the annual water that we use on an annual basis ... why has there been a forty-one condominium building approved for Yucaipa? Why do we need that? We are destroying the reason we all moved here in the first place.”

Water board votes to accept rate increase

The YVWD Board voted on Tuesday, Jan. 21, to accept the rate increase for drinking water, sewer and recycled water service.

Zoba reiterated the reasons for updating the rates.

The Yucaipa Valley Water District is committed to meeting stringent sewer discharge requirements and providing the highest quality drinking water and recycled water at the


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YVWD is the worst managed and worst governed special district in the county. They pay the highest state pension rates for their employees, pay obscene public salaries and pass on the costs to the rate payers. The governing board are local hacks totally under the influence of the water district director. They fail to post their salaries on line because they are so exhorbinate . The best thing is to remove every board member come election time. This is a public agency run like a club.


Water District forgot to say it will enable them to continue to pay exoritant salaries.

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