Yucaipa set to replace Historic Uptown banners

The stylish poles, with the missing banners, are located throughout Historic Uptown Yucaipa.

As you may have noticed, Yucaipa’s Historic Uptown banner flags are missing. Rest assured, there is a plan to replace them. Director of Community Development Paul Toomey introduced an agenda item to city council on Sept. 23.

“The banners, they were getting a little old, worn and a little deteriorated,” said Toomey. “They were looking pretty bad, so we took them down. Even the historical banners that we replaced a few years ago.”

Yucaipa City Council initially approved the idea of having banners on poles along Yucaipa Boulevard and California Street as part of the streetscape project in 2012.

Toomey introduced different concepts for the banners.

He said aside from the exploring different banner concepts, city staff hopes to “explore other kinds of materials and to try and achieve a longer banner longevity.”

Each pole in the Historic Uptown has two banners – one closest to the sidewalk and one on the street sign side.

According to the agenda report, the new banners will include a historical banner, an updated active banner, a new arts banner, Explore Yucaipa banner, YPAC banner and Christmas banners.

Toomey said it’s important to stick to utilizing a logo consistently, such as the Explore Yucaipa logo. “The San Diego Gaslamp District has its own logo on the banner, as an example,” he said.

Regarding the new arts banner, Toomey suggested it should highlight Yucaipa’s emerging cultural arts presence.

On seasonal Christmas banners, Councilwoman Denise Allen said, “I like our Christmas banners. I like the design of it, they come off as historical.”

She suggested being careful with the historical banners – not to deviate to radically from branding.

“I do like our new YPAC logo,” said Allen. “It captures our uptown and the new AVA (American Viticultural Area). Regarding the ‘active banners’ we have an active community here and I would personally like to see the updated pictures represent the cross generation of our community.”

Council consensus was to get YPAC banners all around town.

Mayor Pro Tem David Avila said he agreed with Allen and said in regards to YPAC concerts, “Why don’t we try to get it on billboards?”

Council agreed.

The item passed unanimously. City staff will work on the item and bring it back to council with ideas and a budget for the banners. The banners most likely won’t be complete in time for this holiday season.


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