Every year, except 2006, when the city eliminated its 90-gallon waste option, the city of Yucaipa has experienced a rate increase in its trash service fees. Yucaipa’s Solid Waste Committee met on Thursday, May 9, to discuss a revised proposal for the an annual rate increase. Yucaipa Mayor Bobby Duncan and Councilmember Greg Bogh serve on the Solid Waste Committee; City Manager Ray Casey, Deputy City Manager Jennifer Crawford and Burrtec representative Richard Nino also attend the meetings.

At the May 4 meeting, four individuals spoke in public comment. Chuck Wood, Glori Garcia, Marion Lovelace and Vanessa Register voiced concerns about the increase and/or wanted to learn more about how the increases are derived.

Yucaipa’s Solid Waste Committee met last month on April 4, to review the proposed solid waste annual rate structure, pursuant to a franchise agreement with Burrtec. At that meeting, a 7.1 percent trash increase was discussed, due largely to the increase in collection, processing and selling of recyclable content materials.

Since 2016, the residential rates have not received credits to offset the annual rate increase due to reduced commodity values, increase in processing, change in legislation and international impacts.

“The decreased ability to sell recyclables, increased costs in processing and the labor-intensive process of addressing contamination will have an impact on solid waste rates for the next several years until infrastructure is built in California and the dependency on foreign markets is reduced,” said Crawford.

After a couple months of negotiating the increase, Burrtec offered to hold its operator fee increase and apply a rate subsidy to maintain a 3 percent rate increase instead of the initial 7.1 proposed percent increase for residential service.

The current proposed 3 percent increase is:

15 gallon .41 cents month

30 gallon .56 cents month

60 gallon .81 cents month

City council will vote on the item at its May 29 meeting.

The original 7.1 percent increase proposal would have cost the residents of Yucaipa .98 cents more per month for 15-gallon. $1.34 per month increase for 30-gallon and $1.92 per month increase for 60-gallons.

Register said she was still concerned. “What besides increasing fees can be done to solve the problem? With the changes in regulations, and loss of profit from recycling, changes to our solid waste will be necessary.”

New rates will begin on July 1, but residents will not be billed until the end of the year, as part of the new tax roll bill.


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The city council is totally beholden to the trash company and that is why residents see a rate increase every year, regardless of how low the rate of inflation is. Now the council has given the trash company the right to put trash on the property tax bill saving the trash company tens of thousands of dollars in collections costs. Were any savings passed on to us ratepayers? No.

Every single council member should be thrown out of office. Where is theDistrict Attorney? And then we have the phony mayor Bobby Duncan who pledged to stand up for the citizens when he first ran and immediately became a top of the city staff.

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