Yucaipa Pointe Project moves forward

The Pointe Project, conceptual drawing.

Yucaipa Planning Commission met on Oct. 16 and approved a conditional use permit for VantageOne Real Estate Investments for the Yucaipa Pointe, which is a phased unified center development plan on approximately 24 gross acres consisting of a variety of commercial uses, including retail, restaurants, an express carwash, a health club, and a future 39,000 square foot movie theater anchor. The property is located along the south side of Yucaipa Boulevard, west of 18th Street.

A General Plan Amendment was approved 5-1 to redesignate approximately 1.1 acres of multiple family residential area into service commercial to correspond with the project boundary.

The project’s boundaries are 18th Street, Avenue E, Dunlap Blvd., Interstate 10, and south of Yucaipa Boulevard.” said Fermin Preciado, Director of Public Works/City Engineer.  It is known in the Community as the Stater Bros. property. As part of the project, the general plan amendment (GPA) is proposed to redesign approximately 1.1 acres of multiple family residential (RM-10M) into service commercial (CS) to correspond with the project boundary. A lot line adjustment would be completed to align the real lot line to the proposed land use district boundary; the single family residences on the two parcels subject to GPA would remain in place. No impact to those residences were proposed.

Viewing the pad listings at this planning commission meeting Preciado clarified the project was separated into two areas, Project A and C, which is adjacent to the In-N-Out and Corkey’s site.  Those businesses proposed in Project A are LA Fitness, a movie theater, a sit down restaurant, Chipotle with a drive through with 13 car stacking for on-line orders, Jack in the Box with a drive though with eight car stacking, two additional drive through restaurant pads, Panera Bread with a drive through with 11 car stacking, Quick Quack car wash tunnel with 22 self-service vacuum stations and the drive through capacity is 34 vehicles through a three lane system that wraps around through the tunnel, suite spaces for five tenants, another drive through restaurant and retail pad, and Chic-Fil-A with a drive-through with 30-car stacking through dual lane system.

Architecture details will be consistent “craftsman” inspired artifactual theme throughout all proposed buildings with key matching colors. In regards to the development agreement, Preciado said, “City staff and applicant are still working through key points of development agreement. This will be provided at a later date for our recommendation for city council but at this point it is referenced if they choose to go with it.”

Commissioner Lloyd Rekstad said, “I would like to see if we could avoid the kind of back up that exists there (In- N-Out) and this is a much larger.”

Paul Toomey, Director of Community Development, said, “It is as designed at the moment, it is pretty well established and I know the applicant has more details about the individual stacking requirements for some of the known users and a little more information about stacking in general in todays environment. “We certainly agree as a project like this, that is about one of the major key issues.

Commissioner Denise Work was concerned about there not being enough parking spaces in Yucaipa Pointe and Preciado assured her that “the site itself would allow for parking throughout the site. The total area A does provide 820 parking spaces with a requirement of only 764 so there is a surplus,” said Preciado.

Commissioner Aron Wolfe was concerned about the noise of the vacuum systems at the car wash. At a previous meeting he said the commission talked extensively about the vacuums.

“The proposal right now is to have the car wash facility at the north end of the site and vacuum stations just south of the building so there is quite a bit of separation distance from any other offsite properties,” said Preciado. “A noise study was done and due to the distance, the noise level dissipated below the city code requirements.”

“Along the properties, are you putting a block wall as this is backing up to residential properties on 18th Street,” said Wolfe.

“The only wall proposed is a retaining wall at the west end of the property and most of the property is elevated above the residential property,” said Toomey.

“The project proposes to do a two to one landscape slope to create a basin as well extend the pad for the movie theatre,” said Preciado.

“I’m concerned with being able to see in the backyards of those houses. I just think some type of wall, even if it is just for the future. Right now it is a chain linked fence,” said Wolfe. “If the concern is private back yard space, I think that is still fairly well isolated and protected from view because of the elevation change,” said Toomey.

Supporting documents are available for public view on the city of Yucaipa website at yucaipa.org.


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