Yucaipa Planning Commission to replace wood fences with more durable materials for all future building projects

Vinyl, wrought iron, and block wall are the fence materials of the future.

Yucaipa Planning Commission discussed building standards for multiple-family housing developments and general design guidelines for the city at the May 15 meeting. The planning commission especially focused on materials to be used for new fences and walls. Wood fences are to be replaced with more durable materials such as vinyl, chain-link, wrought iron, and block walls. The appearance of the wall or fence is meant to visually match the architecture project.

The planning commission’s presentation, led by Director of Community Development Paul Toomey, included architectural design guidelines for different parts of town. Buildings in Uptown Yucaipa, the commercial center of town, along Yucaipa Boulevard to the freeway are built in the craftsman style.

Travis Heaps, a presenter at the meeting, mentioned keeping the historic look of Uptown. The buildings are designed at a “pedestrian scale,” a relatively small size for a walkable and “humanistic feel.”

For multiple-family houses, Heaps discussed including decorative stone facades on the front of the buildings while leaving the other sides blank, unlike the elaborate buildings in Redlands, which Heaps described as having “excessive window trimming, when the only person who really sees that part of the building is the backdoor neighbor.

Regarding fence materials, the planning commission noted concern about pushback, since some residents may prefer wooden fences. All members were in favor of switching to more durable alternatives, however.

“We can’t be too bogged down in the old style of architecture appearance,” Toomey said. “We need a higher standard.”

At the next Planning Commission meeting on June 5 at 6:30 p.m., members plan to discuss adjusting the height of freeway signs. Meetings take place at Yucaipa City Hall, 34272 Yucaipa Blvd.


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