Yucaipa Planning Commission recommends city council adopt agreement for 144 homes

Single family 144 lot residential subdivision project on Oak Glen Road in Yucaipa.

At Yucaipa Planning Commission on June 17, Planning Manager/City Planner Benjamin Matlock spoke to the commissioners regarding a development agreement between the city of Yucaipa and Woodside Homes allowing the development of a 38.6 acres of property located in the Oak Glen Creek Specific Plan into 144 single-family residential lots with 7,200 square foot minimum lot sizes and the construction of related public improvements including a public park, consistent with the previously adopted Oak Glen Creek Specific Plan, at the southeast corner of Oak Glen Road and Second Street.

“This development agreement is specific to a portion within the Oak Glen Creek Specific Plan,” said Matlock.

Matlock continued to say, “Oak Glen Creek Specific Plan was a long-term guide for the development of the project site and was designed to accommodate three major components. A 200 single-family lots with 7,200 square foot minimum lot size or conforming to the city’s RS 72 C land use district.”

The proposed project is located on an irregularly-shaped 47.7 acre area comprised of two existing parcels, south of Oak Glen Road, east of Second Street, along the northern portion of the Oak Glen Creek Specific Plan boundary. The site slopes away from Oak Glen Road towards the confluence of Wilson Creek and Oak Glen Creek. On the site is an existing single-family structure, which is currently used as the city maintenance yard and records storage, and is proposed to be demolished. A single-family development is located west of the site, the Yucaipa Community Center, Wildwood Calvary Church, and a mobile home park are north of the site, and Wildwood Calvary Church and vacant land associated with the Oak Glen Creek Specific Plan are east of the site.

“This project was reviewed and recommended by the planning commission on Nov. 15, 2017, and ultimately adopted by the city council on Feb. 26, 2018 … No major changes since the 2017 approval has occurred. The map remains within substantial conformance; however, one change did happen to the map which was changing the location of the parkway, from curb adjacent to interior, to allow more space for landscaping yards and then having the sidewalk adjacent to the street,” said Matlock.

Specifically, this project is for a development agreement associated with the subdivision and is between the city of Yucaipa and Woodside Homes. The purpose of a development agreement is to provide expectations for the development and encourage public and private participation in the comprehensive land use planning process to reduce economic risk of development.

Matlock added, “This project does support the general plan and then the specific plan by actually implementing the Oak Glen Creek Specific Plan and providing or helping to facilitate the development of that residential component, as well as the basin component.”

A few minor changes to be included before this goes to city council are the installation of a new traffic signal at Oak Glen Road and Second Street. This project has already been awarded a contract by the city as the result of federal grant funds that the city received and will be removed from the development agreement.

Some of the timelines will be modified. The award of contract for the basin channel will be done by Oct. 12, 2020, and the new city yard grading will be completed 45 working days after that awarded contract. The old city yard relocation will be completed by Nov. 3. The finalized land transfer agreement to the developer will happen by Nov. 3.

Commissioner Vice Chair, Denise Work asked to confirm there was going to be a lake in the portion of the park that was to be included in the plan.

Matlock confirmed by saying, “The Wilson III Basin Project does feature a lake component as part of how that basin is designed … There will be a park feature adjacent to where the basin is that will utilize that and be used as a resource for the recreation site.”

Commissioner Chair, J.R. Allgower asked for clarification for the traffic signals on Sunnyside and Second Street.

Director of Development Services/City Engineer, Fermin Preciado, said, “There is already an existing traffic signal at Sunnyside and that will be modified to incorporate the southernly approach and the city is using federal grant funding it obtained a couple of years ago, to construct the traffic signal at Oak Glen Road and Second Street and that contract was awarded by city council a couple of months ago. We are waiting for the delivery of the traffic signal pole so we can complete that construction. It is a mitigation requirement for the Specific Plan that Ben referenced.”

“Apparently when this was done in 2017, a lot of residents had concerns about notice and input. Were there any such notices given this time around to make sure the people that would be effected or interested in having their voices heard, been given the opportunity tonight?” asked Commissioner Chris Markarian.

Matlock answered with, “The project was re-noticed pursuant to city’s requirements for noticing so that did go out for this public hearing … The notices were sent 10 days prior to the meeting and also a posting in the News Mirror as well.”

Markarian stated in 2017 people were concerned about not having enough time to submit input with having 14 days and he would like to see the public given a 30 day notice.

Matlock stated, “As part of the notice of public hearing, that does require a 10-day notice and then for the ordinance which included the posting in the News Mirror as well, so that does meet state requirements. There were a number of opportunities for public comment. As part of the Environmental Impact Report, there was also a scoping meeting that was done that also provided an opportunity for public comment on the proposed specific plan as well.”

Work made a motion that the commission recommend that city council adopt the Ordinance No. 395. approving the development agreement between the city and Woodside Homes as part of the proposed project and determine that the subdivision and development agreement are within the scope of the EIR that was already previously prepared.

Supporting documents are available at yucaipa.org.


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