Yucaipa gets a new community service coordinator

Yucaipa City Council with Director of Community Services Megan Wolfe and new Community Service Coordinator Tim Hicks.

Megan Wolfe, Director of Community Services introduced a new community services coordinator, Tim Hicks to Yucaipa City Council on Nov. 13.

“Tim Hicks has his office at the community center,” said Wolfe.

His main focus is marketing, special events, and aquatics, and will provide support at the Community Center. He will be focusing on special events including Eggstravaganza, the Music and Arts Festival, Concerts in the Park, Movies in the Park, Movies at the Yucaipa Performing Arts Center, AutumnFest and WinterFest.

“Tim will oversee all aquatic programs that take place at the Seventh Street pool … He is the staff liaison for Crafton Hills College pool and schedules time at the pool with the Yucaipa Swim Team and the Thunderbird Water Polo teams. He provides support for all marketing of events on FaceBook, Instagram, the website, and printed materials,” said Wolfe.

Hicks has a passion for aquatics and providing community members an opportunity to get involved in the community and provide programs to Yucaipa’s residents that offer an opportunity to learn a life-saving skill.

“It is extremely rewarding to Tim to see a child or adult learn a valuable skill and be excited about it,” said Wolfe.

Hicks loves Yucaipa’s small-town atmosphere and is proud to tell people that he works for the city of Yucaipa. His greatest contributions and accomplishments working for this city is his positive attitude and “get it done” attitude.

“He can be in the middle of a task but will drop everything to help anyone who needs help on the team. Tim provides great input on programs and services and is able to look at the ‘big picture’ which is important and can adapt to any situation he is put in. He is a strong communicator,” said Wolfe.

Outside of work he enjoys aquatics, swimming, traveling, trying new food, hiking and photography. 

“Tim is the youngest and has two older sisters. He loves his parents and the values they instilled in him, which we can see today,” said Wolfe.

“I just want to say thank you for the opportunity,” said Hicks. “Coming from a much larger city where you just become a number and to a much smaller city where you are valued and your views are valued, your work is valued.”


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