Yucaipa completes numerous public works projects

The reinforced box culvert and groundwater recharge area currently under construction at Fremont Street and Wilson Creek Crossing - low water crossing replacement.

If you drive throughout the city of Yucaipa, you will notice many city of Yucaipa Public Works projects that have been completed in the last 12 months. Projects that have improved traffic circulation, pedestrian safety and accessibility, flood protection, and groundwater recharge, as well as projects that improve public facilities such as the Dottie Potter Arena Cover and the Yucaipa Performing Arts Center (YPAC).

Several of these new public facilities have already seen tens of thousands of visitors at special events like the rodeo and the Yucaipa Music and Arts Festival. Many of these infrastructure projects improve quality of life for residents while facilitating economic development in the community. As the new fiscal year 2019/2020 begins, many more projects will be constructed. The following list includes projects completed during FY 2018/2019 and some major public works projects that are, or will be under construction as the new fiscal year begins on July 1:

Projects completed during 2018/19

• 2018/2019 Street patching program - PMP

• 2018/2019 Crack sealing program – PMP

• 2018/2019 Micro-surfacing program – PMP

• 2018/2019 Concrete program

• Dunlap Channel Recreational Trail improvements

• CDBG ADA Improvements at Various Public Facilities Project

• Yucaipa Equestrian Center/Dottie Potter Arena Cover project

• Yucaipa Performing Arts Center (YPAC)

• YPAC Uptown Park

• County Line Road and Avenue H sidewalk (ATP) Project

• Fifth Street Phase I Improvements, Yucaipa Boulevard to 600 feet north of Avenue E

• California Street, Adams Street and First Street improvements (Uptown street improvements)

• Sixth Place at Wildwood Creek Bridge (low water crossing replacement) project

• Under street drain repair on Casa Vista Street

• Seventh Street trench and street repairs, Yucaipa Boulevard to Avenue E.

Projects started in 2018/19 to be compleetd in 2019/20

• Yucaipa Boulevard Widening, 15th Street to the I-10 Freeway, Phase I and II

• Yucaipa Boulevard (Street and) Sidewalk Improvements, Second Street to Fifth Street (Uptown Crawl) – Phase IIA

• Avenue A project, Adams Street to First Street

• Citywide ADA Curb Ramp and Accessibility Improvements

• Uptown ADA Parking Improvements

• Fremont Street at Wilson Creek Bridge/low Water crossing replacement

New projects 2019/20

• $2.7 million in pavement rehabilitation

• Pendleton Road at Oak Glen Creek Bridge/low water crossing replacement

• Avenue E Street, Sidewalk and Intersection (Roundabout) Improvements - Second Street to Third Street

• 12th Street and 13th street improvements, South of Avenue E (Safe Routes to School Grant)

• ATP sidewalk project on Avenue E and 15th Street

• County Line Road improvements between Calimesa Boulevard and Fourth Street (2015 MSRC grant funded portion, excluding intersection improvements)

Traffic signal projects planned for FY 2019/2020

This year the city plans to implement improvements to several intersections, including three new traffic signals and modifications to existing traffic signals. With the construction of the Yucaipa Boulevard Widening Project (15th Street to the I-10 Freeway), new signals will be constructed with pedestrian crossing improvements at 16th Street as well as Chinaberry Street between 18th Street and Hampton Road/Avenue E. In addition, construction will begin later this year on the new traffic signal at Oak Glen Road and Second Street which will also include pedestrian crossing improvements. Along with these new traffic signals, modifications to existing traffic signals will incorporate new left turn phasing at the intersections of Yucaipa Boulevard and Yucaipa Valley Circle, Fifth Street and 10th Street, as well as the intersection of Oak Glen Road and Avenue E and Sunnyside Drive. These modifications to the signals, one of which includes installing a flashing yellow arrow, will help enhance the safety for left turn movements at these intersections and improve the access from these local streets onto the Yucaipa Boulevard and Oak Glen Road. According to Fermin Preciado, Director of Public Works/city engineer, “These intersection improvements have been prioritized this year with the completion of a traffic engineering analysis performed at each location, as well as federal grant funds awarded to the city for some of these safety enhancement improvements.”

The following are some of the highlights from the city projects currently underway.

Yucaipa Boulevard Street and Sidewalk Improvements, Second Street to Fifth Street (Uptown Crawl) – Phase IIA

This project is currently under construction. The project is partially funded by state grant funds, and will provide accessible pedestrian and street improvements including new curb and gutter, sidewalks, ADA curb ramps, driveway approaches, conduit for future enhanced street lighting and landscaping, and bike lanes on both sides of Yucaipa Boulevard between Second Street and Third Street.

CDBG Avenue A Project

Adams Street to First Street, CDBG Citywide ADA Curb Ramp and Accessibility Improvements, CDBG Uptown ADA Parking Improvements, Adams Street Sidewalk – Yucaipa Boulevard to Avenue A

These four separate projects will be under construction this summer, and together have been prioritized in order to meet the increasing parking space demands and enhance pedestrian/bicycle/bus accessibility in the Uptown area. The street improvements, including sidewalk, ADA curb ramps, new curb and gutter, alley improvements, and parking lot improvements within walking distance to the YPAC, will further improve pedestrian and vehicular access to this part of town. The parking improvements include additional general public and public ADA parking spaces to accommodate visitors to the Uptown area.

Yucaipa Boulevard Street Improvement Phase I and II

As a gateway into the city, these phased improvements to Yucaipa Boulevard are sure to aid efficiency of traffic movement to and from the I-10 freeway, in addition to improving traffic and pedestrian safety, drainage, providing underground distribution and transmission electric and CATV lines, providing sewer and water lines, and facilitating economic development in the area. According to Preciado, Director of Public Works/city engineer, “Over 45 percent of this project is funded by both State and Federal grant funds, local Measure I funds, as well as contributions from our partnerships with Western Heights Water Company, Yucaipa Valley Water District, and Southern California Edison. The grant funding includes Highway Safety Improvement Program Funds to improve public safety between 15th Street and 16th Street.”

This project includes widening of Yucaipa Boulevard from four to six lanes, storm drain improvements and a raised center median. Phase I includes undergrounding of utility lines and removal of overhead utilities, utility poles and other utility work such as utility vaults, and conduits. The improvements in Phase II between 15th and 16th incorporate the same street widening and drainage components, as well as a new roadway alignment and a new traffic signal at 16th Street designed specifically to improve safety for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Fremont Street at Wilson Creek Low Water Crossing Replacement Projects

This project consists of constructing reinforced box culverts at the creek/street crossing in order to eliminate the existing low water crossing and eliminate current flooding and public safety concerns during significant storm events. The project consists of elevating and significantly widening the existing roadways and constructing asphalt pavement widening, curb, gutter, parkways, groundwater recharge basin, and sidewalk/multi-purpose trail improvements resulting in ultimate street improvements over the existing flood control channels. The primary trigger and final product are tied directly to improving the safety for both pedestrians and vehicles traveling on Fremont Street at the Wilson Creek crossing. This project is funded approximately 89 percent with federal grant funds as a part of the Highway Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program.


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