Recently, Mayor Bobby Duncan and City Manager Ray Casey visited the International Security Conference trade show in Las Vegas to visit with exhibitors who might be interested in bringing their services to Yucaipa. According to Duncan and Casey, many of those interested were fast food chains. Yet they were particularly inspired by the prospect of constructing a 12-plex theatre.

“One thing I’d like to see in Yucaipa is a Harkins Theatre, or a theatre of some sort,” said Casey.

Duncan agreed and said, “We’re working hard to make that happen.”

City Engineers Kevin Landon and Fermin Preciado also presented past and future developments for the city.

One update is a new audio system for the Yucaipa Performing Arts Center, which Duncan described as “the centerpiece of Yucaipa.”

Referring to the Performing Arts Center, Councilmember Greg Bogh said, “That building was meant to revitalize Uptown Yucaipa, and I think it’s doing its job.”

According to Landon, rain and snow caused damage to the speakers. In addition to replacing them with a waterproof system, he described the new speakers as having improved volume and sound quality for live music and announcements. The new system is meant to project sound along Yucaipa Boulevard from Second Street to Bryant Street, as well as one block down California Street.

Mayor Pro Tem David Avila thought the new system would be “a great addition to Uptown” and would be useful for fire announcements and ShakeOut drills. The council voted 5-0 in approval of financing the updated sound system.

Preciado presented planned future engineering projects to improve structures and roads around the city. Some are continued projects to be finished from last year, such as a low water crossing bridge replacement at Wildwood Creek Bridge for drivers to safely pass over flood waters, Dunlap Channel recreational trail improvements, the Dottie Potter Arena cover at Yucaipa Equestrian Center, and the widening of Yucaipa Boulevard, along with traffic signals, to improve driver safety.

Projects to be started this year include sidewalk improvements on Yucaipa Boulevard, 15th Street, Second Street, and Fifth Street. Preciado noted that these improvements should be finished in September of this year. Citywide curb ramps for accessibility and parking improvements in Uptown are also planned, along with a low water bridge crossing replacement on Fremont Street, at Wilson Creek Bridge. This is in addition to the Pavement Management Program effort to repave roads citywide.

The engineering team also has preliminary designs for sidewalks on Avenue A, First Street, Adams Street, Avenue B to Yucaipa Boulevard, and a sidewalk from Calimesa Boulevard to Sixth Place. Many residential streets in Yucaipa currently do not have sidewalks, though they greatly improve pedestrian safety. Finally, Preciado presented a concept map of a mountain bike track to be built off Wildwood Canyon Road, near Wildwood Park.

The council approved the proposed projects 5-0.

“You’re going to be very busy,” Bogh said to Landon and Preciado.


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