Yucaipa City Council approved a resolution on Aug. 12, adopting an “in-lieu parking fee” for the Yucaipa Uptown District Specific Plan. The in lieu parking fee only applies to uptown businesses that are expanding their size or changing to a restaurant, as both would require more parking.

In 2010 parking conditions in the uptown area were analyzed by the city. According to a city agenda report, based on the parking analysis in 2010, a 50 percent reduction in the parking requirement for commercial development was subsequently implemented through the adoption of an Uptown District Specific Plan amendment by city council in April 2013. Three years later, staff gave council an updated parking analysis for review. The overall parking space usage had increased from 22 percent to 51 percent. This coupled with the uptown business vacancy rate declining, would leave a parking shortfall. At that time, city council discussed other parking strategies such as timed and metered parking spaces. Yucaipa City Council opted to direct staff to find a funding source for the acquisition of land for the developments of public parking lots and a fee that would be paid by businesses expanding their business or building size.

Just those businesses making changes will require more parking. The resolution would not affect uptown visitors or other business owners not making changes to their business.

The city staff analyzed other cities who charge an in-lieu parking fee and came to a conclusion of charging $8,700 per parking space needed.

The emphasis was on trying to promote continued growth but also to create a mechanism for funding future parking.

“We certainly don’t want to deter restaurant buildings but this is a vehicle that allows those things to take place,” said Director of Community Development Paul Toomey. “As the uptown expands, there will need to have more parking and this provides a tool to construct more parking, using the dollars from business owners that generated the need for additional parking.”


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