On Feb. 10, at the Yucaipa City Council meeting, Fermin Preciado, Director of Development Services/City Engineer, addressed the council concerning an opportunity acquisition of the vacant property located at the northeast corner of Fifth Street and County Line Road for the County Line Road Transportation Corridor Project.

“The property is located on the northeast corner of County Line Road and Fifth Street and on the North East corner of the intersection,” said Preciado. “The property is currently vacant. The city has an opportunity to purchase the vacant property for the construction of the County Line Road Transportation Corridor Project.”

The property is 22,466 sq. ft. in size, (0.52 acres) and is unimproved. The owner of the property has offered to sell the property to the city.

“The County Line Road Corridor Project is a joint project between both the city of Yucaipa and the city of Calimesa. The project includes not only the construction of a roundabout at this intersection but also at other intersections between Calimesa Boulevard and Bryant Street. The roundabout improvements at the intersections of Bryant Street, Second (Street) and Third (Street) being single lane roundabouts,” said Preciado.

The County Line Road Transportation Corridor Project, from Bryant Street to Calimesa Boulevard includes not only roundabout intersections, but also concrete and asphalt pavement construction, installation of curb/gutter, sidewalk, driveway approaches, drainage improvements, utility relocations, pavement striping/marking, bike lane striping and raised hardscape median installation at the roundabout intersections.

“The owner of the property listed the property for sale on the open market some time ago for $154,500. The city approached the seller and the seller has accepted the city’s offer to purchase the property for the listed price,” said Preciado.

City staff researched the value of the property using available real estate valuation sources and determined that this amount is consistent with the value of other similar properties in the area. In addition, if this were not an opportunity acquisition, the city would incur additional costs to acquire the property for the project such as legal costs, appraisal costs and other associated acquisition costs which would significantly exceed the cost identified for this proposed action. 

Preciado added, “If council approves the purchase and sale agreement for the property, staff will return to council at a future date with a recommendation regarding the disposition of the remainder property once the property that is required for the project is converted to a public easement for the project.”

The available funding for this project is $4,144,935, which substantiates sufficient funding available for this purchase and to accommodate staff’s recommendation which includes not only the cost of the property but also closing costs, staff time associated with the processing of the proposed purchase and sale agreement in the amount of $162,500.

Councilmember Dick Riddell moved the recommendation and Councilmember Denise Allen seconded it and the item was passed unanimously.


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D.T. 2020

Second that.I think sixth graders have more common sense than this bunch of numbskulls .It looks like yucaipa is going to follow the current CA. trend of perpetual ,never ending road construction , traffic delays, and bone jarring potholes . I wonder whats next.


The city council can waste money on advertising to get us to approve their tax increase and they can do favors for the garbage company but can’t pave the streets or get the traffic signals synchronized. What a worthless group we have elected to the council. As soon as they are elected they become rubber stamps for the bureaucratic city staff that runs the city, overpaid, over benefitted and over pensioned, all thanks to incompetent elected council members

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