Yucaipa City Council approves pavement rehabilitation projects

Residential streets are planned to receive asphalt rehabilitation treatment.

Yucaipa City Council members reviewed and approved updates to the Pavement Management Program and recommended pavement rehabilitation projects for the next five years at the May 13 meeting. City Engineer Fermin Preciado gave a presentation about the state of Yucaipa’s roads and recommended future treatments. Currently there is no online database showing the schedule for road maintenance, though Preciado noted intentions to create one during the next year so that residents can see when their street will be repaved.

Councilmember Denise Allen commented that Date Street seems to be in need of repair, and Preciado said he would look on the prioritized five year list to see where it is, as the pavement analysis is done every five years in order of street condition.

The Pavement Condition Index (PCI) is used to test the measurements of road conditions and evaluate the asphalt. PCI ranges value from 0 to 100, with 100 being a freshly paved street. The national standard is 60 or greater. According to Preciado, the average range in Yucaipa is 64, a bit higher than the standard range. PCI measurements between 85 and 100 would be considered excellent, and ranges below 40 are considered poor. Though Yucaipa’s PCI range is within the average range, it is below the ideal.

“The theory behind the re-pavement program is you capture the streets before they reach the next level of repair,” said Director of Development Paul Toomey. “It’ll take awhile to catch up on those residential streets that are so far gone.”

The city has partnered with Yucaipa Valley Water District and Western Heights Water Company to complete the rehabilitation of streets where underground utilities need to be installed or updated.

Many residential streets have previously been repaved with slurry seal treatment, while major roads received a more substantial asphalt rehabilitation treatment. With this update to the Pavement Management Program, the slurry seal application is no longer being used.

Only some of the streets planned for micro-surface or rehabilitation have been completed so far. The remaining streets will be completed later this year and combined with the Fiscal Year 2019/20 programs. The Fiscal Year 2018/19 street segments include:

County Line Road, Third Street to Bryant Street; Fourth Street, Avenue E to Wildwood Canyon Road; Eighth Street, South of Washington Street; Tenth Street, North of Colorado Street; Bryant Street, Yucaipa Blvd to Avenue E; Grant Street, South of Avenue E and other miscellaneous cul-de-sacs and residential streets.

Next year’s program fiscal year 2019/2020, includes a portion of the following street segments:

Wildwood Canyon Road, west of Morningside Drive; Blossom Avenue, Ramada Lane and Lantana Avenue; Fifth Street, north of Peach Tree Lane; Golden Gate Drive; Holly Avenue, north of Simi Drive; Avenue D, 14th Street to 16th Street; 17th Street, south of Yucaipa Boulevard and other miscellaneous cul-de-sacs and residential streets.

It is important to note that only a portion of the street segments will be repaired, based on the testing and analysis completed as part of the 2018 Pavement Management Analysis approved by the Yucaipa City Council for the next five years in May of 2018.

After Preciado’s presentation, the council approved the update and recommended pavement rehabilitation projects by a 5-0 vote.


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