At the recent Yucaipa City Council meeting on Feb. 24, Fermin Preciado, Director of Development Services/City Engineer discussed the agreement with TransSystems Corporation to provide on-call construction management inspection services and project engineering management services for various public works construction projects.

“In Oct. 2015, following a formal request for qualifications and proposals process, the city council approved an amendment with TransSystems in the amount of $130,000 for these services,” said Preciado.

At the time, TransSystems Corporation was Athalye Consulting Engineering Services, Inc. and now they are doing business as TransSystems Corporation. The services provided supplemental city construction management and inspection staff especially when multiple projects are under construction at the same time and also to assist in meeting the stringent state and federal (Caltrans and Federal Highway Administration Awards) requirements that are associated with the grant funding for many of the city projects. 

“In order to continue these services for the many construction projects that have been completed since 2015, the city council has authorized and approved several amendments since the original contract. The city has used this consultant, TransSystems, to provide these services on many of the projects that have been completed over the last few years. Most recently the low water crossing bridge projects (13th Street and Avenue D at Wilson Creek, 6th Place at Wildwood Creek, and Fremont Street at Wilson Creek). Also the federal funded sidewalk project on Avenue H and Countyline Road and the project that is wrapping up right now, the Yucaipa Boulevard widening project phase one and phase two. (In addition to the construction on the Yucaipa Boulevard widening project is the 15th Street to the I-10 Freeway Project). We are using them for inspection and construction management of the Avenue E roundabout project at Second and Third that is currently under construction,” said Preciado.

Preciado said that the services from TransSystems have proven to be very useful in the Caltrans audits following construction of the city projects, specifically the federal funded projects. Also their services in the field engineering that is required to make adjustment during the construction process, negotiating and processing contract change orders and processing grant reimbursements so the city can receive reimbursement from the federal and state grant funds.

To date, Caltrans has reimbursed the city of Yucaipa for approximately 89% of the total cost of construction and construction management services for these projects. The current remaining balance in the contract for on-call construction management services is in the amount of approximately $27,000.

A list of the approved Capital Improvement Program projects was provided to council which summarized the estimated cost of construction for several projects that are in construction or soon to be in construction and the estimated cost of construction management and inspection services.

 “With the number of projects currently under construction or ready to move into construction and also with the recent retirement of two full-time Public Works construction and inspection employees, staff is recommending that these services be continued with the approval of the proposed amendment to the contract with TransSystems in the amount of $165,000 for these services.” said Preciado.

Preciado went on to say that the rates for services for TransSystems increased this year. In the proposed amendment they have agreed to charge the 2019 rates for the remainder of their contract. He also pointed out that 80% to 90% of the cost for these services are reimbursable under the various state and federal grants.

Councilmember Dick Riddell said, “With 80 to 90% of them being paid by grants, I move the item.”

Councilmember Bobby Duncan seconded. Motion carried 5-0.

Supporting documents are available for public view on the city of Yucaipa website at


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