Phase II-A of Yucaipa Boulevard Streetscape Improvements between Second and Third Street (The Uptown Crawl) are about to begin.

In recent years, the city of Yucaipa has made several improvements to Uptown Yucaipa, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy an afternoon stroll, shopping or a pleasant midweek commute home through this beautiful stretch of town. New and existing businesses have certainly seen an increase in revenue and patrons as a result of these improvements.

The next phase of the Yucaipa Boulevard Streetscape Improvements (The Uptown Crawl) will be no exception. This important community project will provide a continuation of necessary accessible pedestrian and street improvements with the construction of new curb and gutter, sidewalks, ADA curb ramps, commercial driveway approaches, bike lanes, an underground conduit for future street lighting and irrigation improvements, and match-in asphalt paving on both sides of Yucaipa Boulevard between Second Street and Third Street.

In April, the Yucaipa City Council awarded and authorized a contract with Onyx Paving Company, Inc. of Anaheim, for the construction of the project, which is scheduled to begin on May 13. Once the entire project is completed, the accessible pedestrian and street improvements on Yucaipa Boulevard will span from Third Street to just west of the Bryant Street intersection.

According to Fermin Preciado, Director of Public Works/City Engineer, “This Project will improve ADA accessibility in Uptown Yucaipa and expand the sidewalk and streetscape improvements on Yucaipa Boulevard making access to residents and businesses easier.”

A future phase is planned from Third Street to Fourth Street, which upon completion will close the gap and provide continuous sidewalk improvements from 15th Street to just west of Bryant Street.

For questions regarding the project, please contact the Public Works Department at 797-2489, ext. 254.


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