Western Yucaipa Boulevard continues to develop

Grading for Chick-fil-A is underway at Avenue E in Yucaipa.

Yucaipa Boulevard motorists may have noticed construction activities occurring along the western edge of the city, near Interstate 10. Several projects that had been approved by the Yucaipa’s Planning Commission and city council are now underway, and their construction teams are making great progress. This includes the first phase of the Yucaipa Pointe Project, where a new Chick-fil-A restaurant, famous for its chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, and “Icedream” cones, is going to be built next to the In-N-Out site.

As part of that project, other restaurants and a 60,000 square foot medical office facility are also proposed and will be happening soon. This exciting project will add additional dining and retail options to the community, and the medical office facility will help bring more accessible healthcare options to Yucaipa residents. The site, covering over 24 acres, represents one of the largest economic development projects for the city in decades, and is poised to transform and enhance the entry to the city. Across from the Yucaipa Pointe is a proposed 7-Eleven, which has been designed to compliment the Yucaipa Pointe site, and is the start to further progress at the entry to town. Generous landscaping will also be installed to provide an attractive view along Yucaipa Boulevard.

In addition to new businesses, other sites along the city’s gateway are expanding. An existing engineering and surveying firm, Hillwig and Goodrow, located on the other side of Interstate 10 along Outer Highway 10, is expanding its operations and constructing a new two-story office facility. In addition, Sorenson Engineering, located along Dunlap Boulevard, continues to expand and add high-tech jobs to the community. Sorenson Engineering, which began in city of Yucaipa in 1956, employs hundreds, and its expansion efforts will continue to provide jobs to the community.

Mayor David Avila commented on how “exciting it is to see the activity happening in Yucaipa and these resources will be beneficial to the community. This new development demonstrates the partnership that city projects, such as the Yucaipa Boulevard widening project, provide to create opportunities to help encourage and support the economic growth of the city.”


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