Tip-A-Hero raises $700 at Saturday’s fundraiser

Firefighters and Police servers, Isaac Orosco, Oswaldo Cortez, Tammy Buswell, Matthew Perkins, Alexander Mendoza, Andrew Wallace, David Wedge, Joshua Spaid and Blake Miller.

One of the past weekend’s events for Make A Difference Day was Tip-A-Hero held at Jose’s Mexican Restaurant in Yucaipa. Local police department and fire department volunteered and served guests chips, salsa, water and soft-drinks. 

Assistant manager of Jose’s, Heather Khoury said, “It started off as Tip-A-Cop where they would come in here and serve the guests. The guests have a lot of fun having them help them in that way. I think in the last two years they changed it to Tip-A-Hero to make it where all of the police department and fire department participated. People look forward to this and we love doing it too. The servers get a kick out of having these people helping them out.”

Yucaipa Police Department Deputy David Wedge was asked what the highlight of this event was for him, he said, “It is just giving back to the community.”

“Every year we do Make A Difference Day. This year we went up to the 5 Winds Ranch and planted trees there. We have several volunteers and it was just a great turnout. All proceeds from Tip-A-Hero today will be going towards next year’s Make A Difference Day.”

“This is my third year now,” said Wedge. “It is always a great time and the servers are always real nice to us. I actually used to be a server before I was in law enforcement so it is kind of easy for me but it is funny to watch my partners stumble over themselves. It is a great turnout every year and we usually get pretty busy around five and six. We have really, really nice people from the community come out and support us.”

When asked about the event, Yucaipa Fire Department Chief Grant Malinowski said, “This will be my first time since I just became the fire chief in January. This is to benefit our Make A Difference Day and that is the biggest thing. I live in the community and I definitely support the community and this is a way to give back. This is to benefit next year’s Make A Difference Day, so I’m excited about that.”

Guests Maureen and Sean Haney attended the Tip-A-Hero event at the restaurant.

“We did not know but now that we’re here, we’re happy that it is happening, it’s great,” said Maureen.

When asked if they have ever been to this event before, “No,” both Haneys said in unison.

Aramando Avelara attended the restaurant with daughter Anamaria.

“I’m surprised seeing fire department serving us,” said Avelara. “We actually dropped one of my daughters off at the Pumpkin Patch and Anamaria wanted something to eat. I have six kids and she is my youngest. I asked her what she wanted to eat and she said Mexican food. They have really good food here.”

Craig and Sharon Bua also went to Jose’s, not knowing it was Tip-A-Hero day.

“I figured something was going on with all the firemen around here,” said Craig Bua.

“I always read the News Mirror and I might have read about it in there but I didn’t realize it was going on (today). It’s very cool,” said Sharon Bua. This was the first time they attended Tip-A-Hero.

According to Yucaipa Police Department, $700 was raised at the event and all proceeds will go into next year’s Make A Difference Day fund.


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