The last remaining member of the original Yucaipa Police Department retires

Lt. James Porter, Secretary Kristina King, retiree Torg Wold with Yucaipa Chief James Williams.

Torgils Wold was the last remaining member of the original Yucaipa Police Department, transferring to Yucaipa shortly after the city incorporated in 1989. As of Feb. 13, 2020, he is officially retired.

At the station, an overflowing crowd filled up the community room on Feb. 13, to say goodbye to a longtime fixture of YPD Wold and Secretary Kristina King, who will be transferring to another position.

Police Chief James Williams and Lt. James Porter shared Wold’s story with the large law enforcement crowd.

In his younger years, Wold traveled all over the world; Oslo, Norway, and Zoos, Switzerland, and all throughout Western Europe, before moving back to the U.S. in 1958.

His father was assigned to Norton Air Force Base and the Wold family moved to Redlands. Wold graduated from University of Redlands in 1965 and served as a reserve in the U.S. Air Force.

Wold retired from the Air Force Reserves in 1972 and joined the Redlands Police Department, as a mounted police officer reserve, in 1973 and stayed with them for 27 years, even while having other jobs.

He also worked at Kaiser Steel and Yates Industries.

In 1990, Wold moved to the city of Yucaipa and the rest is history.

“Today, he is the last remaining member of the original Yucaipa Police Department,” said Porter to the crowd on Feb. 13. “He also has the unique honor of being our department’s very first Sheriff Service(s) Specialist, proudly wearing badge No. 1 for his entire career.”

Williams presented that retired badge to Wold at the luncheon.

“He is a fantastic employee,” said Williams. “We’re sad to see him leave. He will be impossible to replace. He was the very first Sheriff’s Service Specialist here.”

Captain Mitch Datillo of Big Bear attended the luncheon.

“Torg and I were among the first police of the city when it became incorporated,” said Datillo. “I wish half the people I worked with had the same work ethic as Torg did. He is a very, very good guy and is going to be missed.”

Many guests at the retirement luncheon echoed that sentiment.

Hal Bacon said, “I worked with Torg in 1990 for 10 years and he was the best traffic investigator the city of Yucaipa ever had.”

Wold has worked every assignment an Sheriff’s Service Specialist could have, taking over 4,000 reports during the 11 years his spent in the field. According to Porter, in 2001, Wold took over the evidence room at Yucaipa and remained there until his retirement.

After the luncheon celebration, Wold commented, “I’ve had a grand time working with these deputies. I can tell you, I feel like I’ve been part of a team for 30 years and I have tremendous respect for those who I worked with.”

When asked what the biggest change was over the years during his career, he said, “It’s more technical now ... fingerprints. More scientific and DNA has become the biggest law enforcement aid.”

In his retirement, the Redlands resident will spend some time horseback riding, his favorite past-time. Wold especially looks forward to endurance rides with his wife.


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