As Riverside County moves into the substantial or red tier for reopening, a second person in Calimesa has died from COVID-19, according to data posted on the Riverside County Public Health website.

While the county’s public health department does not provide any details on the death, including when it happened, on Aug. 28 there was only one reported death in Calimesa from late April.

As of Tuesday, Sept. 22, there were 130 positive COVID-19 cases in Calimesa, and 57,482 in Riverside County, which can now reopen indoor dining, places of worship inside and in-person learning at schools.

The only school in Calimesa in the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District is Mesa View Middle School. All of the district’s other schools are located in San Bernardino County, which remains in the widespread or purple tier of the state’s reopening guidelines.

Mesa View Middle School could possibly reopen, but the district must wait at least two weeks to do so, according to the state’s guidelines.

While places of worship, dining indoors and fitness centers can also reopen, there are restrictions on capacity.

Under the state’s reopening system, two metrics are used to measure COVID-19: spread rate and test positivity percentage. The tiers are designated by four colors: purple (widespread), red (substantial), orange (moderate) and yellow (minimal with the lowest restrictions).

Counties must meet metrics for a lower tier for two consecutive weeks before moving to that level. Conversely, a county that fails to meet the metrics at its current tier for two straight weeks will be moved to a more restrictive level, which is why schools must wait to reopen to ensure the spread of COVID-19 is stable or less.

Every Tuesday, California is updating each county’s data for the previous week and making corresponding changes to tiers, according to the governor’s press release. The information is posted on the state’s website,


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