Baby goats spread joy

The Mitchell family is sharing farm life with locals in an exciting way. See Page 4 for full story.

During a time where schools are closed and play dates are canceled because of social-distancing COVID-19 guidelines, there are some people who see it as an opportunity to spread joy to families with children stuck at home.

Heidi Mitchell grew up in Yucaipa and loved the rural life. After almost 30 years, she moved to Cherry Valley, on a small farm. She currently homeschools her three children, ages 4, 7, 10 and they have thoroughly enjoyed living life on the farm.

Mitchell began homeschooling her kids when the oldest was in preschool. As part of her children’s ongoing educational enrichment, she involves them in various farm activities and chores. Tipu Farms is home to  goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits and chickens.

“It’s such a great learning experience and our kids learn a lot of life lessons,” said Mitchell. “They learn the value of hard work and experience life, especially with everything so down and gloomy right now, we are seeing positive things.”

Recently life at Tipu Farms got a whole lot more interesting. Two goats, Willow and Daisy, became pregnant. During the late evening hours of March 20, Willow gave birth to three perfect little babies. Daisy is expected to give birth in the next few days.

Mitchell wanted to share the special moment with the community.

“It’s something that our family is doing to share joy with people who have kids that need some unique educational experiences,” said Mitchell. “My mom and sister really wanted to be involved (in the live birth) without coming over, (due to) social distancing, so I tried to find a way to provide that.”

The family decided to live- stream the newborn baby goats on YouTube.

“Much like the eagle cams in Big Bear, our family sat and watched for hours,” said Mitchell. “But, this is a goat cam. We aren’t technical experts, but, we think we got something up and running that will provide some much needed joy.”

The baby goats will surely bring joy to many.

Mitchell’s three children couldn’t be happier.

“As part of the home school enrichment, we are going to feature farm-related activities to share with other children.” 

A “Kids Corner” on the website will feature activities, artwork, a variety of worksheets and printables all about goats and farm life.

To view the goats live, in action, the YouTube channel is or search online at


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