New assistant planner in Yucaipa

Maddie Jordan is introduced to Yucaipa City Council.

During the Yucaipa City Council meeting on Feb. 8, Planning Manager/City Planner Benjamin Matlock introduced the new Assistant Planner Madeline “Maddie” Jordan.

Matlock said, “I am pleased to present our newest member to the planning team Ms. Madeline or Maddie Jordan.”

Matlock continued with, “She is our assistant planner providing essentially the review of conditional use permits, tentative tract maps, assistance to those at the counter and then helping me with a variety of planning activities. Also doing plan checks within the city and any other duties that are assigned.”

Jordan grew up in Mentone and is a proud alumni of Redlands High School. She studied geography and GIS (geographic information systems) at UCLA and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in June of 2019.

Jordan had the opportunity to travel on a study abroad trip and learn about sustainable cities of northern Europe during college and that is really what sparked her interest in a career in urban planning.

“Since then she has worked as an intern for the city of Redlands and also worked in the private sector as an environmental planner,” said Matlock.

Jordan’s heart is in the Inland Empire with her family. Her mom and dad work at Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute), her younger sister attends college and her younger brother is in middle school. She is excited to help Yucaipa continue to grow and draw people from all over Southern California to Yucaipa.

Matlock said, “The thing I have noticed, since she has been with the city of Yucaipa, is that she is a very bright and sharp person. She has learned very quickly the process that we have and is very responsive to applicants and customers in providing proper view of projects and trying to get them answers as quickly as she can so that they can move forward with their projects. It has been very helpful. Different customers have even relayed their appreciation for her hard work and efforts to keep projects moving quickly.”

Jordan said, “I’m really excited to keep learning here and growing and I’ve already been able to get my hands on some really cool and fun projects including the Dutch Brothers Coffee and some senior housing, things that I think fellow friends in the industry haven’t had the chance to work on yet.”

Jordan continued with, “I’m really excited to keep learning and growing here. I can’t complain about the views either. It is a beautiful city and my heart is definitely here in the IE with my family and friends, so thank you for welcoming me aboard.”

Mayor Greg Bogh said, “Thank you Maddie.”


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Yucaipa can’t pave the streets or manage the budget without asking for tax increases yet it can hire another city planner? What are the obscene salary and benefits for this position?

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