Meet Yucaipa’s new Lieutenant Julie Brumm-Landen

Julie Brumm-Landen enjoys her new office at Yucaipa Police Station.

There’s a new lieutenant in town and she’s an accomplished law enforcement veteran. Julie Brumm-Landen officially started her new gig at the Yucaipa Police Station on May 11. She is the first female lieutenant assigned to the Yucaipa Police Station.

Brumm-Landen began her career in law enforcement in July of 1994. She was a detective in Yucaipa in 2006, and was promoted to a sergeant in 2015.

Brumm-Landen graduated from Yucaipa High School and knew back then, that she wanted to pursue law enforcement. She was especially thrilled to get promoted to lieutenant in her hometown.

“I feel beyond blessed to have been given all the opportunities within the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department,” said Brumm-Landen. “I probably feel more excited just to be able to work in the same community that I live.”

Regarding the community support, Brumm-Landen said, “I love the relationship our community has with the police department. It is hard for some departments to stay positive and have a good working relationship with all the negativity in the world today. I think I can speak for all those here at the Yucaipa station, that we do feel appreciated by our community. This community is very engaged with its police department and has proven to be a valuable partner when we ask for help in identifying offenders or assisting us with critical information about criminal activity. We are grateful for this assistance in keeping the community safe.”

Brumm-Landen is married with a son and two daughters. “My husband is also a lieutenant with the Sheriff’s Department,” said Brumm-Landen. Her son works at Les Schwab in Yucaipa and her oldest daughter is currently serving in the Air Force. Her youngest is a senior at Yucaipa High School. In her free time, she enjoys going to the river, hiking and camping.


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