Local resident receives prestigious teaching award

Anthony Wilson

Anthony Wilson has lived in Yucaipa for the past 14 years. He currently teaches with Moreno Valley Unified School District at Badger Springs Middle School, where he teaches sixth through eighth grade Special Day Class and serves as the school’s Special Education Department Chair. Wilson has been in the field of education for 20 years and has spent 13 of those years at Badger Springs.

“My principal calls me into her office and says, ‘I need you to sign this,’” said Wilson. “I asked what it was, and she said, “I nominated you for Educator of The Year, it still did not register, so I signed it, and then she said you were selected as Educator of the Year for our site and the entire school district. I said, thank you, and I walked out. A few minutes later, back in my classroom, it hit me. I emailed her and apologized for leaving so abruptly but had no idea what to say.”

Wilson was one of 12 teachers named as a finalist for the award. Moreno Valley Unified School District Board of Education, superintendent, district leaders, and staff attended a dinner to honor him.

The California League of Middle Schools named Wilson the 2019-2020 Educator of the Year at the CLMS Region 10 Educator of the Year Awards Dinner ceremony held at the Riverside Marriott on Dec. 9.

The CLMS, which is part of the California League of Schools, aims to assist K-12 educators in improving student learning by offering professional development and a variety of valuable resources.

“Mr. Anthony Wilson is an incredible teacher in our district,” said Superintendent Dr. Martinrex Kedziora. “He is a vital leader at Badger Springs Middle School and is an inspiration to many. He is very deserving of this award and many more!”

Wilson is known for being tenacious in his work with students, always giving students one more chance, one more strategy, one more home visit. He believes that the “one more” may be what tips the scales.

“I know it all too well because I was labeled with special needs,” said Wilson at the dinner. “I want to be remembered as the teacher that took it to an even higher level of believing. I strive to leave a legacy so that my kids know that I have taught them everything they need to know and to believe in themselves to become the best that they can be and the best that they were born to be.”

Wilson will travel to Sacramento and represent Riverside County for state educator of the year on March 6.


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