Local photographer captures nature’s serenity

Bonzai Rock at Lake Tahoe.

The love of the outdoors coupled with adventure is the perfect blend for any photographer. Yucaipa’s photographer Rick Strobaugh is no exception. He frequently travels to national parks and other scenic areas throughout the western and northeast areas of the United States to capture incredible tranquil landscapes that are breath taking to the soul.

“I travel much of the western U.S., hiking well into the mountains and countryside, shooting photos,” said Strobaugh. “My favorite park is Glacier National Park in Montana and many areas in Colorado. I typically venture off in the back country where I don’t see people for hours. I always have bear spray physically in my hand while I am backpacking and exploring the land. Bears don’t want to see us anymore than we want to see them. I always make a lot of noise so I don’t surprise them.”

As an adventure photographer, Strobaugh is in excellent physical condition. He has participated in over 100 marathons throughout the United States, hiked from Yosemite to Mammoth and Mt. Whitney four times over the years. Strobaugh weekly runs 40 miles around the cities of Yucaipa and Redlands.

“I have been running the neighborhoods of the east end of Yucaipa/Calimesa for about 27 years with courses from five miles to 20 miles. I remember back when I would run through areas of fenced pasture land in town that is now covered with homes, like on Oak Glen Road. It was back when Yucaipa was more of a retirement town. I always liked the country feel of the city with the perfect altitude so, not too hot or too cold and less smog. I like still seeing someone riding their horse in the neighborhood,” said Strobaugh.

Strobaugh has spent 43 years with the Redlands Police Department. He started his career as a dispatcher, and reserve police officer. He served 22 years as a police officer/detective where he received formal photography training while in charge of the Crime Scene Investigation Division.

“Along with investigating and processing crime scenes as a Detective, I had to photograph various scenes, dead bodies, injuries, fatal accidents and autopsies. Wanting more pleasing subjects, I got into landscape, wildlife and macro photography,” said Strobaugh.

Strobaugh retired 13 years ago, but remains active and volunteers with the Redlands Police Department two days a week. “The really cool thing is, my son, Eric, took my place as an officer with Redlands PD 11 years ago and also absolutely enjoys his job.”

Strobaugh pursues photography with other local photographers and is a mentor and treasurer with the Redlands Camera Club. He enters his photography in various competitions. In 2019, Strobaugh took second place in the Joshua Tree Cultural Art Competition.

“As a longtime member of Redlands Camera Club, it has helped me improved my photo skills tremendously and I help others improve theirs too,” said Strobaugh.

Strobaugh’s photography is on display and is available to purchase at the Artisan Etc in the heart of the Village at Big Bear Lake. Any photos can be ordered and shipped directly to your home from the lab, in any size. Visit photographybyrickstrobaugh.com for an online display of Strobaugh’s amazing photography. “My goal with the photos I take, is for someone wanting to step into my photograph to experience the scene themselves,” said Strobaugh.


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