On Jan. 27, at the Yucaipa regular city council meeting, Katrina Jaimes, Assistant Engineer was pleased to announce the award of a contract for the installation of a traffic signal at Oak Glen Road and Second Street in Yucaipa.

“The intersection of Oak Glen Road and Second Street is currently a two-way stop controlled intersection along Oak Glen Road,” said Jaimes.

She went on to say, “In response to requests for safety enhancements over the last 15 years, several warranted traffic measures have been implemented at this intersection including installation of a pavement-marked crosswalk, installation of advanced warning flashing beacons,  and the installation of pedestrian-activated flashing beacons at the crosswalk.”

These measures have provided enhanced visibility of the intersection. 

“In 2017, the Oak Glen Creek specific plan which includes the Oak Glen Creek Basin Project, the Oak Glen Basin Park Project, and some private developments was adopted by city council and as part of the specific plan, a traffic impact assessment was completed and recommended, an installation of a traffic signal at Oak Glen Road and Second Street in response to the increased traffic from the development,” said Jaimes.

The proposed traffic signal has been designed to accommodate current and future traffic conditions and will include the standard pedestrian push button activated crosswalk function similar to other signalized intersections through the city. The project also includes the installation of safety lighting, ADA curb ramp improvements and signing/striping on Oak Glen Road and Second Street to accommodate the proposed traffic signal. Grant funding was sought so that the traffic signal could be installed without having to wait for the development to be finished.

“In November 2018, staff successfully applied for a Highway Safety Improvement Program Grant for federal funds in the amount of $330,000. We worked with Caltrans to try to expedite the process getting environmental clearance and the other federal requirements completed. In December of last year, we were authorized to proceed with construction from Caltrans,” said Jaimes.

Deadline for bids was Jan. 14, and five sealed bids were received from contractors for the project. International Line Builders, Inc. of Riverside was the lowest responsible bidder with the bid amount of $310,677.

“Due to current manufacturing processes, there is an estimated 12 to 20 week lead time required by the traffic signal pole manufacturers so we will start the construction process but we will be waiting to get those poles as soon as they are manufactured and sent to us so there is a little bit of lead time on there,” said Jaimes.

The combined total estimated project costs are $374,500. The amount of $330,000 are included in the fiscal year 2019/2020 CIP (Capital Improvement Program) for this project. Staff is recommending allocating funds from the Pavement Management Program (Local Match for Grants) in the amount of $44,500 to the traffic signal at Oak Glen Road and Second Street project. The current balance in the Pavement Management Program Local Match for federal and state grants budget is in the amount of $55,850. This balance does not include funding that has already been identified for other grant funded projects.

“This is a traffic signal that is long overdue and we are so happy to have this in front of us,” said Council member Bobby Duncan.

“I am really happy to be presenting it. We have looked at this intersection a few times through other measures and we have done what we can and I’m just excited this has been warranted and now we can install it,” said Jaimes.

“When do you expect that it is actually going to be red, yellow, and green?” asked Mayor Pro Tem Denise Allen.

Jaimes replied by this summer. 

“It is crazy that a signal costs $374,000 but way to go and so little of it is tax-payer dollars,” said Allen.


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