Equestrian Committee gives back to Yucaipa

The Yucaipa Equestrian Arena Committee presents a giant check of $40,000 to the city.

The Yucaipa Rodeo in April was a lively, lighthearted, and lucrative event. At the June 10 city council meeting, the Yucaipa Equestrian Arena Committee presented a large check—literally, requiring two people to hold up—to the council, worth $40,000 that was earned during the rodeo. The money was originally intended to be allocated for funding the completion of the Dottie Potter Arena Cover project.

Unexpectedly, the committee changed its plans and requested to keep a portion of the check to fund further improvements to the Yucaipa Equestrian Center, namely installing lights in the arena for nighttime events.

“So, you’re bringing us a check and you want it back?” Mayor Bobby Duncan quipped.

Everyone laughed, and the council agreed to bring the item back for later discussion.

Bob Potter, husband of the late Dottie Potter, also attended the meeting to share some comments and thank the city council for its support and excellent work building the Dottie Potter Arena Cover.

“My dear Dottie’s dream has come true,” said Potter. The arena cover allows the Equestrian Center to host events all year, in rain or shine. The arena cover project is expected to be completed later this year, according to the engineering report at the May 29 meeting.


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