Unified Command: CAL FIRE BDU/RRU/Yucaipa, San Bernardino National Forest, San Bernardino County Fire, San Bernardino County Sheriff, Riverside County Sheriff, California Highway Patrol

Start Date: 9/05/2020

Location: Oak Glen/West Yucaipa in

San Bernardino County

Size: 12,610 acres

Percent containment: 23%

Cause: Human-caused

Assigned Resources:

Hand Crews: 11

Helicopters: 6

Structures Threatened:

Engines: 179

Fixed Wing: 4


Dozers: 12

Water Tenders: 13

Residences: Damaged: 2

Other Str: Damaged: 4

Total Personnel: 1244

Injuries: 3

Destroyed: 4

Destroyed: 6

Current Conditions:

The El Dorado Fire is now active on the northern edge, on the north side of Yucaipa Ridge and north of Highway 38. The fire has been active both the day and night due to dry and hot weather with no relative humidity recovery and very dry vegetation. The wind and canyons continue to align, allowing for large fire growth. The Red Flag wind warning has expired, however, the predominant wind is expected to continue gusting up to 24 mph allowing for aggressive upslope fire runs during the day and transitioning into a downslope down canyon influence at night. Firefighters continue to work in and around Mountain Home Village and Forest Falls by directly extinguishing fire with hose lines and constructing and securing fire lines to increase defensible space around threatened structures.

Fire resources are now focused on the fire burning north of Highway 38. Structure defense is in process at Angelus Oaks with structure protection measures and fire line construction around the community.

Mountain residents in this area, please heed evacuation warnings. Highway 38 south is closed and rocks are constantly falling on the road, physically blocking this escape route for you.

Big Bear residents, please monitor the El Dorado Fire and stay informed on fire conditions. Check the social media avenues listed above frequently for updates.

Smoke may be seen near Wildwood Canyon from fuels burning inside of the fire perimeter with minimal threat to the fire perimeter. Fire lines are holding and continually being reinforced and patrolled on the southern edge of the fire.

Residents in the vicinity of Mentone and Yucaipa. There is an evacuation warning still in effect for a portion of your community.

Residents of Angelus Oaks, 7 Oaks, Barton Flats up to Onyx Summit, an EVACUATION ORDER in place for your area.

Please review the Evacuation Warnings and Orders at the end of this update to determine if you are affected.

Neighbors, please heed the Evacuation Orders and please be patient. We do not like to evacuate people and we do not do it without cause. Again, this fire remains very dynamic! Stay vigilant and check Inciweb, Twitter and Facebook for changes on the #ElDoradoFire. There are physical signboards at the

Stater Bros. shopping center in Beaumont at 1430 Beaumont Ave., 1775 east Lugonia Ave. in Redlands near the Starbucks and 11365 Bryant St. Yucaipa in the Stater Bros shopping center.

The Red Cross temporary evacuation point is at Redlands East Valley High School, 31000 E. Colton Ave. in Redlands and the Red Cross phone number for evacuation assistance is (442) 242-0946.



• Highway 38 is closed both directions between Bryant St. and Angelus Oaks.

• Oak Glen Road is closed at Bryant St. to eastbound traffic

• Wildwood Canyon Rd. is closed at Mesa Grande

• Topaz St. is closed at Bryant St. to eastbound traffic

• Juniper Ave. is closed at Bryant St.

• Carter St. is closed at Bryant St.

• Fir is closed at Bryant St.

• Ivy is closed at Bryant St.

• Northbound Fremont St. is closed at Oak Glen Rd.

• Eastbound Oak Glen Road is closed at northbound Cherry Croft

• Eastbound Oak Glen Road is Closed at Casablanca

• Lower Potato Cyn. is closed at Oak Glen Rd.

• Oak Glen Rd. is closed at Wildwood Cyn.

• Wildwood Canyon Rd. is closed at Mesa Grande

• Pendleton is Closed at Oak Glen Rd.


Evacuation Orders:


All residents in the areas between Angelus Oaks and Onyx Summit need to evacuate via Hwy 38 north to Big Bear.

Yucaipa Blvd at Bryant intersection to the east. Yucaipa Blvd to Ave E southeast to the intersection of Mesa Grande, east to Wildwood Canyon Rd to include all portions of Hidden Meadows and the southern portion of the Cherry Valley Community from Nancy Lane east to Beaumont Ave. Including portions of Riverside County down to Orchard St.

Oak Glen (see road closures), Mountain Home Village, Forest Falls and North Bench Yucaipa (north of Oak Glen Rd. to Highway 38 and both sides of Bryant St east and west north of Oak Glen Rd.).

Evacuation Warning:

Evacuation warning in place for Beaumont Ave east to Hillside Place in the Highland Springs area to the Apple Fire burn perimeter to the north and Cherry Valley Blvd to the south.

The areas bounded by the following streets are now in an evacuation warning:

North of Oak Glen Road

West of Bryant

South of Highway 38

East of Garnet


The entire Forest was closed to all public use at 5 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 7. Please see for more information.


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