Community support for Yucaipa Police

A small group gathers on June 22 to thank the Yucaipa Police Department.

Yucaipa resident Ray Earls recently shared a great experience on social media, involving Yucaipa Police Department. YPD  returned some stolen license plates to his wife Anna at the couple’s residence.

“I am so appreciative of this that I want to recognize the two officers that came to my house; Officers Castaneda and Moss,” explained Earls.

Earls shared a post on a local Facebook page, explaining the incident, and it received over 1,000 likes and comments. He decided to go one step further and organize a thank you to the entire police department. Along with several other families, Earls and his wife, showed up at YPD on June 22, bringing lunch, snacks, gifts, cards and words of thanks.

Gavin Gaitan, 4, made a sign with help from his 6-year-old sister Emma. “I want to say thank you to police officers for their hard work,” said Gaitan.

Earls said he was pleased with the turn out on Monday afternoon. “I think it’s so great to see something positive instead of the negative,” he said. “If every town did this, it would change the world.”

His wife concurred.

“Knowing how hard these guys work, I think they deserve it,” said Anna Earls. “They put thier lives on the line every day and they deserve so much.”

YPD Chief James Williams said, “We very much appreciate our supportive community.”


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