City of Calimesa takes part in Clean Air Day

Calimesa Councilman Larry Smith, Mayor Pro Tem Linda Molina and Councilman Ed Clark plant the tree into a planter. The tree will be moved to a new location, to be determined at a later date.

The city of Calimesa in honor of “Clean Air Day,” made the most of the day by taking the opportunity to plant a tree in front of city hall. “Clean Air Day” is to encourage individuals, government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations to do their part to improve air quality and protect public health.

The city of Calimesa adopted a resolution to declare Oct. 2 “Clean Air Day.” The Western Riverside Council of Governments asked the city to place the resolution on the agenda for consideration.

The resolution passed on Sept. 3.

“Clean Air Day” focuses on the improvement of community health and the impacts of air pollution upon Californians.

“Calimesa is about ready to launch it’s largest growth spurt in its history,” said councilmember Larry Smith. “These are the type of things that let people know that the city is responsible as they possibly can be,” said Smith. “we are doing the types of things to try and direct the city by example. We would love our citizens to participate in this activity so that when they come here, they know that this is a place that wants to improve their quality of life.”

With significant sponsors including Edison International, So Cal Gas, Los Angeles World Airports (LAX), and millions of Californians pledging to take action to help “clear the air,” California Clean Air Day requires increased participation to expand its impact.

“There is a lot of hysteria around “clean air procedures,” said Smith. “But by and large, nobody’s arguing the fact that when you plant trees, you have the most positive impact on the air that you can. It’s just one tree, but maybe it’s two, maybe it’s three, maybe it’s four, maybe cities around the state will catch on will catch on and will do this on a regular basis.”

Some of the other activities planned for California Clean Air Day include a Health Walk at Dignity Health in San Bernardino and a Sustainability Day at the University of California Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering.

“It’s a symbolic thing of us wanting to clean the environment,” said Linda Molina, Calimesa Mayor Pro Tem. “The state is doing it in so many ways, by 2040 they want all vehicles to be emissions-free which includes public transportation busses. It’s just one more way for us to show people that simple things can make a difference.”

For more information on the program, call the city of Calimesa at 795-9801.


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