Yucaipa Performing Arts Center, previously described by Mayor Bobby Duncan as the “centerpiece” of Yucaipa, is experiencing a rapid growth spurt. The Wild Child concert on June 29 was a big hit, and there’s more where that came from. At the June 24 meeting, councilmembers discussed ambitious future plans for the YPAC, though with some points of disagreement about budgeting.

Director of Community Services Megan Wolfe gave the presentation describing future developments for the YPAC. Along with The Fab Four indoor concert on July 19 and The Latin Legends on Aug. 10, future events include comedy acts, cabarets, “murder mysteries,” dance nights, theatre classes, workshops, and Movie Mondays. On July 8, from 9 a.m. to noon, the new remake of Walt Disney’s “Dumbo” will be playing in the YPAC, and tickets cost $5. Movie Mondays will continue throughout the summer, until Aug. 26.

According to the report, past events at the YPAC have been quite successful; Wild Child was sold out, and the Latin Legends sold 68 tickets at the time of the presentation, “the most amount of tickets in this amount of time” for YPAC events, Wolfe said.

Musicians are invited to perform based on community surveys of recommended artists, Pollstar data, and estimated costs of tickets, marketing, and production.

Councilmembers Greg Bogh, Denise Allen, and Dick Riddell expressed reservations about the cost of upcoming events, however.

“I am a little reluctant at this point, until we see the outcome of the other venues,” said Bogh. “I mean, we’re spending more on this than Music and Arts.

Allen said she is “not comfortable at this point in time” with the proposed budget.”

Riddell expressed similar concerns. “You’re too far ahead in this,” he said in reference to upcoming concerts that have sold tickets. He added, “I hope it works for the best.”

Councilmember David Avila said he is “100 percent in agreement” with the plans and would like to move forward.

“We have the money to do this,” said Avila. “We have the money to risk. I think it’s going to work.”

Duncan agreed that the potential outcome is worth the financial risk. “I heard we missed out on acts for Music and Arts because we didn’t move fast enough on the decision,” said Duncan. “I agree with Avila that we need to go all in.”

The council agreed to discuss the item again at a future special meeting.


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