During the regular Yucaipa City Council meeting on Nov. 25 a public hearing was conducted regarding the Yucaipa Pointe Project. “This is a project that has come to us as a recommendation of the planning commission,” said Paul Toomey, director of community development.

The proposed project was reviewed at the Oct. 16 regular Planning Commission meeting with the Planning Commission voting 5-1 to recommend approval of the project by the city council. The discussion focused towards the stacking for the different building pads to ensure that they would not create traffic-related conflicts outside of the center. The planning commission also recommended a change to the fire department-related conditions of approval to ensure consistency with the language used for the project’s looped fire system requirement. 

Benjamin Matlock, Associate Planner of the city of Yucaipa presented a general plan amendment, conditional use permit, variances for signs, architectural review and parcel map for Vantageone Real Estate Investments regarding the Yucaipa Point Project. “The property is located at the far west end of the city of Yucaipa, just west of 18th Street, adjacent to Avenue E, south of Yucaipa Boulevard and is known as the Stater Brothers property,” said Matlock.

“The property has been modified during different periods of time and the frontage has also been modified as part of the Yucaipa Boulevard widening project. There is storage onsite for the construction but it is a vacant piece of commercial property,” said Matlock.

As part of the project, a general plan amendment was proposed to redesignate approximately 1.1 acres of multiple family residential into service commercial area to correspond with the project boundaries. This will be offset in accordance with the prior general plan amendments to add additional residential density. The approximately eight units lost from this project would be offset with other projects throughout the city that have been approved.

The project was separated into two areas, Project A and C which is adjacent to the In-N-Out and Corky’s site. Those businesses proposed in project A were LA Fitness, a movie theater, a sit down restaurant, Chipotle with a drive through with 13 car stacking for on-line orders, Jack in the Box with a drive-though with eight car stacking, two additional drive- through restaurant pads, Panera Bread with a drive through with 11 car stacking, Quick Quack car wash tunnel with 22 self-service vacuum stations and the drive-through capacity is 34 vehicles through a three lane system that wraps around through the tunnel, suite spaces for five tenants, another drive-through restaurant and retail pad, and Chic-Fil-A with a drive through with 30 car stacking through a dual lane system.

“Architecture details will be consistent craftsman inspired artifactual theme throughout all proposed buildings with key matching colors. It should be noted that as far as the conditional use permit or the site plan design is concerned, it does meet or exceed the city’s development codes including the requirements for parking providing a surplus along areas A and C of the project. As well as exceeding the city’s landscape requirements,” said Matlock.

The majority of the roadway improvements along the site frontage have been previously constructed or are currently under construction. Any remaining street frontage areas, including along Avenue E, would be conditioned to be developed during the construction of the project. The project also proposes to complete intersection improvements at the intersection of Dunlap Boulevard and Avenue E, where a three-way stop would be installed. 

“The two components impact for discussion are the traffic related impacts related to the lane stacking capacity for Yucaipa Boulevard so those recommendations have already been intregrated into the Yucaipa Boulevard widening project so those measures have already been adopted or are already a part of the project design for the widening project,” said Matlock.

Comments from public concerns were if the project would have enough parking area to accommodate larger vehicles and trucks.

“The spaces do meet the city’s development code requirements; however a number of drive isles are also oversized or a little bit larger than the city’s 24 feet minimum to ensure enough space for parking so if you have a full-sized truck or a larger vehicle you are able to park at the site as well,” said Matlock.

“This project also included a number of grant funding opportunities and partnerships and I would like to recognize Yucaipa Valley Water District, Western Heights Water Company, all as partners and also Edison in the under grounding, all of which, I’m not sure this developer would have invested in this project without that up front investment by the city,” said Ray Casey, city manager.

May Pro Tem Denise Allen moved the item, Mayor David Avila seconded, all were in favor.

Supporting documents are available for public view on the city of Yucaipa website at yucaipa.org.


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D.T. 2020

Seriously? This has gridlock written all over it and will just be another example of this planning commission trying to slam a giant square peg through a tiny round hole, Just look at how they decided to orient the parking spaces going up the Blvd uptown so you have to stop and back up to park forcing those behind you to also stop and creating a huge logjam. The only thing this committee is interested in is generating tax revenue and huge construction permit fees without the real world experience that is required to manage a huge project like this.

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