Chris Markarian is a new Yucaipa Planning Commissioner

Chris Markarian attends the city council meeting.

At the Jan. 13 Yucaipa City Council meeting, the city council considered Mayor David Avila’s recommendation to appoint Chris Markarian to the Planning Commission, effective immediately.

Due to the resignation of Vanessa Register as she moved out of state, a seat became vacant on the planning commission and the term for this vacancy ends Jan. 1, 2021, as appointments will be made by the newly elected council in Jan. 2021. Register’s position was appointed by Mayor Avila.

Benjamin Matlock, associate planner, informed the council that notice of this vacancy was posted and two applications were received. “The recommendation provided by Mayor Avila is for Chris Markarian and so as protocol to identify that recommendation for council’s affirmation of that position,” said Matlock.

“I would like to say that Chris is an involved citizen with our community,” said Avila.

He went on to say, “Chris never has a loss for words, which is good because it proves he is a thinker. He thinks about things and he can make the decisions needed. I’ve known him through Rotary Club and through other activities and I strongly would like to recommend Chris for the replacement of Vanessa Register for Planning Commissioner.”

“I think that is a fantastic appointment and agree with you 100%,” said Councilmember Bobby Duncan.

Avila moved for the appointment of Markarian to the Planning Commission.  Councilmember Denise Allen seconded. Motion carried.


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