Design options for the Cherry Valley Boulevard Interchange off of Interstate 10 are expected to be made available to the public in May, City Manager Bonnie Johnson said at the recent Calimesa City Council meeting.

The three options will be voted on by councilmembers, with the locally preferred alternative presented to Caltrans, which will have the final say on the project design. At previous council meetings it has been discussed that at least one of the designs includes roundabouts. The estimated cost of the project is expected to be about $24 million.

While councilmembers will decide on the locally preferred design, the city will present the options to the public for comment at a workshop. In the past, City Manager Bonnie Johnson has reminded councilmembers the city of Beaumont will also be part of the interchange design process as part of a settlement.

“That (workshop) is going to be interesting because that was meant to try to get a lot of public comment,” Johnson said at the April 20 council meeting. “I know the city of Beaumont would like to comment on our interchange alternatives and what the council will select as our locally preferred alternative, which is a big step to move forward and trying to acquire right-of-way and things of that nature.”

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, since the beginning of April, the city of Calimesa has been conducting all of its public meetings via teleconference, with public comments submitted before the meetings and read aloud by Deputy City Manager Darlene Gerdes during the meeting. It has not been announced yet if that will be the case with the Cherry Valley Boulevard Interchange workshop, which is expected to be in mid-May.

“MBI (Michael Baker International) is our consultant with (Riverside) County that is working on design alternatives. We are trying to keep that process moving,” Johnson said.

The public workshop will include a “video-type” presentation from MBI, detailing the three alternatives, Johnson said.

“As soon as I get an idea of when MBI wants to have that, I will be sending out something again to councilmembers and figuring out when we can all be available for such a meeting,” she said.

Originally, the city had announced it wanted to conduct the public workshop for the Cherry Valley Boulevard Interchange in October or November of 2019. Then, it was pushed to the first quarter of 2020. A public notice will be published for those interested in providing comments.

The locally preferred alternative is part of the Project Approval (PA) and Environmental Document (ED) phase of the interchange project, in which traffic and noise studies and right-of-way mapping, among other environmental documents, are collected. The PAED phase is expected to be completed in the last quarter of 2021.

The Cherry Valley Boulevard Interchange is key to the traffic flow for the Summerwind Ranch development, which includes the Summerwind Trails residential project of 3,600 to 3,700 units at build out. The development is located near the Cherry Valley Boulevard exit on the west side of Interstate 10.


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No double roundabout. With warehouse approval on Cherry Valley Blvd, there will be MANY big rig trucks using it,, Double roundabout and big rigs is dangerous. Some states even outlaw it.

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