Eighty-six building permits for houses were issued in the 2018 calendar year in Calimesa, along with entitlements to home builders Lennar, DR Horton and Meritage and an amendment to the Summerwind Trails Development Agreement, Planning Manager Kelly Lucia reported to the planning commission at the May 13 meeting.

Lucia presented the General Plan Annual Progress Report, which also included entitlements to Lewis Retail Centers for an approximate 109,000-square-foot commercial shopping center, now known as the Marketplace at Calimesa, and entitlements to AutoZone to construct a 7,000-square-foot retail building on Calimesa Boulevard, which is currently in progress.

The General Plan Annual Progress Report and the Housing Element Annual Progress Report were received and filed by the planning commission and will now be presented to the Calimesa City Council.

The report was broken down into greater detail by Lucia.

“Our major development applications that we processed were … the Summerwind Development Agreement, Lennar Homes received an entitlement for 246-single family homes, DR Horton received an entitlement for 121-single family homes, that’s up at JP Ranch,” she said. “DR Horton has two projects in our city. The second is Summerwind Trails. They received an entitlement for 162 homes and Meritage (Homes) rounded it out with 80-single family homes, also in Summerwind.”

As part of the housing report, dwellings actually constructed in Calimesa in 2018 consisted of 86 single-family homes, with 23 in Singleton Heights, 62 in Summerwind Trails and one by owner-builder, Lucia said.

“All of which were above moderate,” Lucia said, referring to the types of housing.

According to the Regional Housing Allocation Plan, Calimesa should provide 2,341 dwellings, from 2013-21, at various income levels. Very low-income housing is 543 units, low income is 383 units, moderate is 433 and above moderate is 982.

“That is our allocation for housing type that we should be constructing,” Lucia said, adding that Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) works with the state to calculate the allocations.

Since the allocations were designated, Calimesa has constructed 359 above-moderate homes, Lucia said.

Before the meeting, Planning Vice Chairman Michael Brittingham requested Lucia provide the medium income in Riverside County. She reported it is $65,800.

“What your packet shows you is that unfortunately all of our housing out there that has actually been constructed has been above moderate, meaning typically that is single-family units,” Lucia said. “What we should be working towards, according to our allocation, is providing additional opportunities for maybe higher density. For development to come forward and to provide a mix of housing stock.”


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