A third one-year extension for an 18-lot residential subdivision was approved Monday night by the Calimesa Planning Commission.

All five commissioners voted Aug. 12 in favor of the extension for the 10.2-acre tract that was originally approved in September 2008 and is located on Douglas Street, between County Line Road and Avenue L. The subdivision is zoned for rural residential.

Before the vote, Chair Mike Barron asked if any of the commissioners had any comments or concerns.

“I am just waiting on my neighbor,” Commissioner Michael Brittingham said, referring to the fact that he lives near the development.

“I just bet you are,” Barron said, chuckling in response to Brittingham.

Thanks to the city council amending its municipal code in June, an applicant can now request up to six one-year extensions.

After the extension was approved, Commissioner Charles Hurt asked Planning Manager Kelly Lucia about the status of Country Club Village, a 30-acre mixed use development consisting of senior living, assisted living, a hotel, a medical office, retail and restaurants, located near Desert Lawn Cemetery, Plantation on the Lake and Tournament Hills Elementary School in Beaumont.

“Country Club Village has started grading, is my understanding, and they will be pursuing a building permit pretty shortly here,” Lucia said.

She offered that she is providing city council members with updates on the development going on in Calimesa and she could include the planning commission in her distribution if they wanted.

“I would like that,” Barron said.

A couple of the commissioners wanted updates Monday night on other projects.

Commissioner Eric Cundieff asked about the progress on the long-awaited Singleton Road/Bryant Street connection.

“Was I correct, did you say it should be open at the end of this year?” Cundieff asked Lucia.

“Correct,” she said in reply.

“Do you have a month or a closer timeline?” Cundieff said.

“December,” Lucia said. “By the last week in December.”

The connection, which will provide an outlet for those living in Singleton Heights and other upper Calimesa areas, has had multiple delays.

Commissioner John Keith then asked Lucia about Rancho Citrus Business Park, a mixed-use commercial/light industrial business park and high-end RV storage facility on Desert Lawn Drive next to Plantation on the Lake. He wanted to know what was going on with the power lines for that project.

“The developer for that one is working through their utility structure approvals,” Lucia said, explaining the project’s status.

The next scheduled planning commission meeting is 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 9, at the Norton Younglove Senior Center, 908 Park Ave. in Calimesa.


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