Capt. Timothy Salas, Calimesa’s new police chief, was introduced to the city council and public at its recent meeting.

Salas, who took over when Capt. Joseph Belli was relocated to the Palm Desert Station, shared some of his background with those in attendance at the June 3 meeting.

“I am from the Pass Area,” said Salas, who has been in law enforcement for 31 years.

“I have served in the Cabazon Station before,” he said, referring to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department station that serves Calimesa. “I was promoted to lieutenant out of this … back in ’09. I served as lieutenant over investigations at the Thermal Station, was over there for eight years.”

More recently, Salas said he served as commander of Court Services East. The Sheriff’s Court Services Division serves as an officer of the court, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department website. The office receives, serves, and executes all civil processes and orders that are accepted for service in the manner prescribed by law.

Salas is the fifth captain at the Cabazon Station since January 2015, with the average tenure about one year. Belli’s four-month tenure is by far the shortest.

“I am truly honored to be here and serve as your chief of police and I plan on being here,” Salas said to council. “I guess one of the questions for the selection is how long I was planning to stick around. I have no immediate plans to leave.”

“At least three years, on the short side, I will be here,” he said. “Hopefully I will stay. I am from the Pass Area.”

Mayor Bill Davis welcomed Salas to the city and joked about how he had dressed up for the occasion.

“I wore a tie just for this evening,” he said, chuckling. “Capt. Belli will appreciate that.”

Usually Davis and the rest of the council dress a little more casually, but members were more formal June 3 because their professional portraits were taken.

Regardless of council’s attire, Salas repeated how pleased he was to be stationed in Cabazon.

“I am truly happy to be here. I am truly happy to be part of a community like this, in the same area that I live,” Salas said.

“I know you guys have had some top-notch commanders here and I plan to follow suit,” he said. “A lot of people come here and retire. But, a lot of them have come here and moved on to bigger and better positions too. That says a lot about this station.”


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Nice! I head the illegal gambling "Hot Spot" in Calimesa got raided and shut down the other day also, that is great news. Not sure how that place was able to stay open as long as it did.

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