Proving they do listen to residents’ concerns, Calimesa City Councilmembers approved both restriping and new striping along portions of the Singleton Road-Bryant Street extension at its recent meeting.

Since the long-awaited connection opened last November, residents have voiced concerns regarding the safety of the striping of new left-hand turn lanes on Bryant Street, one going on to Avenue L and the other on to Greentree Circle. The turn lanes made Bryant Street too narrow and were unnecessary, residents claimed. Getting mail, putting out trash cans and backing out of their driveways became dangerous.

“You guys want safety? Give us a safety corridor and get rid of the turn lane,” said resident Paul McCullough at a February council meeting. “There is no safety at our little intersection right there. That left turn lane really needs to go.”

On Monday, March 16, councilmembers agreed to restripe Bryant Street, near Avenue L, and eliminate the left-hand turn lanes. Following staff recommendation, they also approved new striping near the Singleton Road and Calimesa Boulevard intersection to help control speeding and to recondition that portion of the street with spot removal and overlay. The project is estimated to cost $434,300.

Monies from Measure A and the city’s general fund will be used to pay for the project, City Manager Bonnie Johnson said. Unfortunately, approval of the Singleton-Bryant project meant deferring other street rehabilitation designated for $405,000 of Measure A funds. Those streets are Cherry Lane, Holly Lane and Mulberry.

Several councilmembers were concerned about deferring rehabilitation on the scheduled streets.

“I just worry about the deferral of Holly Lane, Mulberry and Cherry lanes. Is there a danger to deferring even further?” Mayor Pro Tem Linda Molina asked Johnson.

“It is my understanding those streets do need attention and assistance, but they don’t carry the traffic that some of these other streets do. They have been deferred for many years,” said Johnson, who added council and staff could look at repaving those streets in the next fiscal year.

Councilmembers ultimately followed staff recommendation of repaving Singleton-Bryant because the striping, which costs almost $100,000, would not last long if the road remained in its current condition near Calimesa Boulevard.

“How long will that striping last without doing anything to (the road), just striping, three to four years?” Mayor Bill Davis asked City Engineer Mike Thornton, who presented four striping options to council.

Besides the option that was approved, the other choices were full removal of the road and striping at a cost of $630,000, spot removal and road rehab with slurry at $389,300 and only striping at $94,000.

“My guess is about five years is what we would get out of it before it would need to be restriped,” Thornton said in reply to Davis.

“I hate to blow $100,000 on something that is going to disappear,” Davis said.

Thornton agreed. While he admitted finding the funds to do about $350,000 in road rehabilitation was a challenge, he said it was not recommended to stripe on a poor road.

“It would be a shame to spend $100,000 and then be back there in a short period of time and have to do it again,” Thornton said. “With the roadway reconditioning that we are recommending, it would allow … about 10 years before any more road work would have to be done.”

“I am hearing we are going to get the most bang for our buck by doing some sort of rehabilitation,” said Councilman Jeff Cervantez. “I would defer to our experts to see what would be your minimal recommendation of rehabilitation.”

There is only $45,000 difference between the recommended option and the one where slurry is used instead of overlay, Thornton pointed out.

“It is a far superior product to do an overlay for that additional cost. I would recommend, as the staff report did,” he said.

Even though city facilities have closed to the public, including Calimesa’s library and two parks, since the March 16 council meeting, business is still occurring and Johnson said the rehab and striping project is currently going out to bids.

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These Council Members need to drive the portion of Calimesa Blvd between Sandalwood and Singleton Rd. There are actually, and literally, HUNDREDS of potholes on that stretch of Calimesa Blvd.

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