Ben Clymer’s the Bodyshop donates another car to a needy Yucaipa family

School Board Trustee Rosilicie Bogh, Yucaipa Councilman Dick Riddell, Marvin, Stephanie, Jason, Jasmine and Jessica Ross and Mayor Bobby Duncan take a moment to pause in front of the car.

The rain stayed away long enough on Thursday, March 21, to allow for a huge celebration, as Ben Clymer’s the Bodyshop gave away another car to a needy family.

Ben Clymer Jr. welcomed the crowd at the body shop for the 11th annual presentation of the Benevolence Car Giveaway. For over a decade, Ben Clymer’s has been presenting a “new” used vehicle to a deserving individual or family in town. This year, the honor went to the Ross family of Yucaipa. Father Marvin Ross suffers a medical condition that requires many hospital and doctor visits and the family car was outdated, unreliable and unsafe, causing missed appointments.

“Being a true recipient is the big thing,” said Bryan Clymer. “It’s hard to find a recipient because often times they don’t feel they deserve it.”

AAA of Southern California and Enterprise Rent A Car work in collaboration with Clymer’s to completely restore a wrecked or damaged car. This year the car was a 2017 loaded Honda Accord.

“This is a fresh start and it’s been a long road,” said car recipient Stephanie. “We had a vehicle that constantly broke down and couldn’t afford to buy a new one. I am overwhelmed right now,” she added, fighting back tears. “I  cannot say thank you enough. I’m genuinely moved.”

Marvin said with a smile, “I am so looking forward to riding in that new car.”

In addition to the new car, the Ross family received one year of auto insurance. The family also had a big surprise when the trunk revealed a variety of food and snacks for maybe a beach trip.

Bryan Clymer mentioned the children had never visited the beach and hoped to do it soon in the new family car.

Yucaipa Mayor Bobby Duncan said he was happy for the family and that it was a great day. Councilmember Dick Riddell concurred.

Representative for Calif. State Assemblyman Chad Mayes, Rosilicie Bogh thanked the Clymer family for their ongoing generosity and presented them with a certificate.

Following the ceremony, the Clymer family hosted a complimentary lunch by Big Easy Sandwich for all in attendance.

“I’m genuinely over the moon right now,” said Stephanie.


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