Did you know smart digging means calling 811 before each job? Whether you’re breaking ground on a new swimming pool, installing a sprinkler system, planting a tree and even erecting a new mailbox, the city of Yucaipa encourages you to contact Dig Alert, Southern California’s free and easy solution for safe excavation, prior to any digging project.

Buried private and public utilities can exist just about anywhere on your property. You can prevent damage to underground utilities and avoid service interruptions to you and your neighbors simply by utilizing DigAlert Direct or calling 811 two (2) working days, NOT including the date of notification, prior to digging.

Contacting 811 before you dig can not only prevent damages to utility lines and a damage claim; it can also save your life. Underground Service Alert (USA) is available to take your information online 24/7 or by phone from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays. All utility companies will have two business days to come out and mark underground lines within your excavation area.

Clearly marking your excavation area with white paint, chalk, flags or whiskers is required before each utility company will mark their lines using paint, chalk, flags or whiskers using a standard color code shown below:

• Temporary survey markings (pink)

• Electric power lines (red)

• Gas, oil and steam (yellow)

• Communications (telephone and cable TV) (orange)

• Water (blue)

• Reclaimed water (purple)

• Sewer and Storm Drains (green)

This is a 100 percent free service, and more importantly, it’s the law.

Learn more about USA markings by visiting www.DigAlert.org or by contacting John Ruggs with the city of Yucaipa Public Works Department at 797-2489, Ext. 287.

Can you dig it?


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