Avenue E roundabouts get official ribbon cutting

Yucaipa Mayor David Avila cuts the ribbon at the Second Street and Avenue E roundabout.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, a roundabout can provide lasting benefits and value in many ways. They are often safer, more efficient, less costly and more aesthetically appealing than conventional intersection designs.

Yucaipa just added two roundabouts to the city. On Monday, Sept. 28, local dignitaries gathered, socially distanced, at the official ribbon cutting for the roundabouts, located at Avenue E, along Second Street and Third Street.

City Engineer Fermin Preciado said that not only are roundabouts a safer solution for intersections than signal light intersections, they are cheaper.

Phase 1, the two roundabouts, including curb and gutter, sidewalk and hard scaping, cost a little over $3 million. Yucaipa Mayor David Avila said the cost of a signalized intersections was projected to cost $5.5 million, plus the additional costs of eminent domain expenses. The cost savings for roundabouts are substantial.

Avila discussed Yucaipa’s infrastructure, saying the city has spent over $165 million in infrastructure in recent years.

“Little by little, we are improving the quality of life here and that’s our goal,” said Avila.

City council also reviewed the safety features of roundabouts versus signal light intersections. There is a 90% reduction in fatal traffic collisions, and a 76% reduction in injury collisions.

“We do look forward to beginning the construction of the next phase in the near future,” said Preciado. “Once we acquire some right-of-way from the intersections.”


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