Atalie Bogh honored at School Board meeting

Atalie Bogh is honored at a recent board meeting.

Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh and Atalie Bogh experienced something special together this past year.

Mother and daughter were both members of the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District Board, Rosilicie as an elected trustee and Atalie as the student representative for Yucaipa High School.

“I just want to quickly say, it was an honor to serve with my daughter,” Rosilicie said as she teared up.

“It was an absolute honor, very unique. Not many people can have this opportunity, but it was wonderful to see her blossom and give insight,” she said, choking up again before chuckling at her own emotions.

Each year a Yucaipa High senior goes through an interview process to be selected the student board member, who attends monthly meetings and reports on activities and events happening at the high school and other matters of interest.

Atalie, who was the valedictorian of the Yucaipa High School class of 2020 with an impressive 4.75 GPA, was chosen to serve on the board for the 2019/20 school year.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Atalie for quite a while now,” said Superintendent Cali Binks. “I met her when she was a little bit younger and now she’s off to do great things.

“She had the opportunity to share with us, not only the things going on at Yucaipa High School, but also as a member of the Youth Advisory Board for the city of Yucaipa.”

Atalie served on both boards while continuing her studies, including advance placement classes, and running on the girls cross-country team, which finished 10th at the state championships last fall in its CIF division.

Perhaps most touching, however, was Binks’ recognition of Atalie as a person.

“She is always very poised, always very considerate, always very gracious about the things that she is involved in,” Binks said. “I just want to thank you personally for being the person that she is. She’s got high integrity, high values and high morals. She is just a pleasant person all-around to have as a friend.”

In the fall, Atalie will attend Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, where she plans to major in biology.

“We will see where that takes me. Maybe a career in the medical field, but we will have to see,” she said on her future plans.

While Atalie did not specifically mention her mother, she thanked the board for the experience she gained this past year.

“Thank you so much, it has been a pleasure serving on the school board as your student board member. I learned a lot about how the district ran and what goes into it and how it’s not simple. It’s very, very, very complicated and complex,” she said.

Her mother was appreciative of fellow board members for their encouragement.

“Thank you to board members and to cabinet and to Cali for truly being there for her. For supporting her, giving her feedback and really validating her efforts,” Rosilicie said as she teared up. “As a board member and a mother, I thank all of you for creating an environment where she could blossom.”

“Atalie did a wonderful job and it was enjoyable to not only have her on the board, but to see the relationship with you guys. It was great,” said board president Patty Ingram.

From the board and cabinet, Atalie received a silver necklace with a compass.

“I would say it’s your way to find your way back to YCJUSD,” Binks said. “It might be argued it’s your way to find your way home, or it might be a way to keep yourself focused on your future.

“Congratulations Atalie, we are very, very proud of you.”


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