In collaboration with the Mayor and City Council, your Police Department would like to address concerns of recent activity within the community. While the Police Department was extremely busy with calls for service overnight, we responded to numerous reports of subjects with guns, fights, keep the peace calls, subject checks, welfare checks, and domestic disturbances.

Deputies responded to a fight call at the ARCO gas station. When deputies arrived, two subjects were contacted and they both refused to press charges. No other victims came forward during that time. In light of social media posts and video that has surfaced, we believe there may be additional victims. They are encouraged to contact the Yucaipa Police Department to be included in the investigation.

Deputies also received information about a subject brandishing a firearm. The subject was contacted during a traffic stop, found to be a convicted felon, prohibited from carrying a firearm and arrested.

Deputies received several calls regarding subjects and/or business owners displaying guns. Deputies responded to the locations to investigate and the subjects were not there.

We have been made aware of photos circulating online, depicting business owners on rooftops and on their property with weapons. We have reached out to our business owners and residents in an attempt to inform and educate them, as it relates to weapons violations.

The related penal code sections are as follows:

CA Penal Code 25850: prohibits a person from carrying a loaded firearm in a public place.

CA Penal Code 25400: prohibits concealing a firearm upon one’s person or in a vehicle.

CA Penal Code 26035: Nothing in Section 25850 shall prevent any person engaged in any lawful business, employee, or agent authorized by that

person for lawful purposes connected with that business, from having a loaded firearm within the person’s place of business.

We do not condone violence, destruction of property or any other illegal activity. Those who choose to assemble peacefully will be afforded that opportunity, with the full support of our deputies.

If you feel that you were a victim of a crime in Yucaipa, please contact us at (909) 918-2305.

The Yucaipa Police Department and the City of Yucaipa, CA - City Government of Yucaipa will continue working together to provide quality service to our community, through communication with residents from all walks of life.

Refer: Public Affairs Division Phone No.: (909) 387-3700


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With all due respect, this statement rings incredibly hollow. People were amassing two days ago at the top of the Blvd near the Kopper Kettle for a significant amount of time. I myself saw them around 5:30pm. By that time, all of the businesses in the area had been boarded up. Did police not find this suspicious? I drive by that portion of the city on a daily basis and I had not noticed any damage from protests or looting before that point in time. Additionally, the City Manager told the News Mirror that the city was aware of threats that had been made but considered them to be rumors. Wouldn't all of these factors indicate that there should be an increased police presence in the area? Next, the video of the fight at the gas station clearly takes place at dusk. Sunset on Monday was at 7:55pm so this means that the fight likely took place around 7:15 to 7:30pm. That means that this group had been gathering at the top of the Blvd for more than 2 hours at this point when paired with what I observed myself.

This group displaying firearms really seems like a pure intimidation tactic against seemingly peaceful protests that have been taking place in the city. At best, even if these were just concerned citizens trying to prevent possible looting, they are vigilantes that are seemingly sanctioned by the police.

I find it very telling that in this statement, the department takes little to no responsibility for what happened or presents any next steps that they will take to help the minorities in our community feel safe. The we are really busy excuse isn't really convincing when it comes to addressing mass gatherings of people in public spaces with shotguns. While I myself am not part of the minority community, I really understand why they do not feel safe in their own city because I don't feel safe in the city.

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