Kopper Kettle Restaurant

Staff of Kopper Kettle gathers around a table of homemade baked goods and jelly.

Kopper Kettle has been around since 1987 and is a hometown favorite that includes many from-scratch entrees, huge portions and friendly employees.

The pandemic took its toll on the local hub, but things are finally changing and looking bright for KK.

Longtime Yucaipa resident Sue Gray purchased Kopper Kettle in Historic Uptown Yucaipa on Yucaipa Boulevard,  where the current Lopez Tacos is located. Over the years, she moved locations to the current one and eventually sold the business to her daughter and patisserie chef Stacy Dean.

“Kopper Kettle is open again!” said Dean. “We are so happy to reopen! It’s been so quiet inside and it’s nice to hear the familiar sounds again ... babies crying and loud noises.”

Dean closed her restaurant for indoor dining at the beginning of the pandemic and said it was rough.

“All of my staff learned new skills,” said Dean. “We did a lot of remodeling and sprucing the place up inside ... painted the walls and floors. A lot of good things came out of it.”

Every catering event was canceled in 2020.  However, Dean said she didn’t lay off any employees but was forced to cut hours. She brainstormed ways to keep the business going.

One of the things that kept the restaurant afloat was the extra baked goods for sale.

“The cinnamon rolls and bread was so popular,” said Dean. “We really had to get creative. We sold cookie dough and other staples.”

Dean credits her longtime customers for purchasing the baked goods and for keeping some money coming in.

Another thing the restaurant did was offer senior meals to mobilehome parks. At the height of the pandemic, they would deliver 75 to 100 meals to local seniors.

To add insult to injury, there was an electrical fire in the restrooms last year, that caused significant damage.

“Many times, I told my mom, I thought it was my breaking point and then something else would happen,” said Dean.

The Kopper Kettle has a second location in Highland Springs. The Bistro, which is open exclusively to residents of the Four Seasons, changed to  100% pick-ups and deliveries. Many of the KK staff transferred over to the Bistro.

“We all had to switch gears,” said Dean.

Kopper Kettle offers a large variety of breakfast items, many made from scratch. The lunch menu is also extensive.

Kopper Kettle also offers an extensive catering menu. There are a number of dishes available, including breakfast, lunch, dinner menu items. There is new merchandise to chose from, including a whole new line of candles created from popular menu items. Scents include pumpkin pancakes, fresh coffee and apple pie.

Kopper Kettle is open seven days per week, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and it’s located at 34848 Yucaipa Blvd. Call 797-2932.


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