Jojo's Gill-A-Dog owners

Heather and Jason Tang with Ryan and Charity Molnar

The community will soon be getting a Jojo’s Grill-A-Dog in Yucaipa, at the Yucaipa Valley Center at the old Coldstone Creamery site. The hot dog and shaved Hawaiian-style ice will feature 100 percent all-beef hot dogs and a whole lot more.

The focus will be on fresh quality ingredients, including the fresh-baked buns, house-made chips and salads and gluten free offerings. Customers will be able to build their own hot dog.

Their signature item- Mojo sauce is a sweet, tangy sauce with a kick. Friendly owners Ryan and Charity Molnar and Jason and Heather Tang are excited about a soft opening later this week.

The exact opening date will depend on a couple final permits. Ryan is the brainchild of the restaurant.

Jojo’s originated from his final project at business school, University of Redlands. “But we’re all good friends and have been for over the years,” said Ryan. “We are very excited to open.” Jason concurred. “My wife and I grew up in Yucaipa and we’re stoked to open. This will be a whole new place for Yucaipa. We hope with excellent customer service, décor and relaxed atmosphere, the first thing people will want to do is tell their friends about it.”

Charity said with the exception of two high school students from Redlands, the remaining 18 employees are all from Yucaipa High School or Crafton Hills College. “This is a fast casual dining concept,” said Charity. “We’re hoping to recreate the memories and feelings that you may have had at a family barbecue or on vacation.”

The place is small but has an urban feel. Energy efficiency and sustainability were important factors in designing and constructing the restaurant. The reclaimed wood facing is from an old barn on the East Coast.

A historic Yucaipa landscape picture will cover the wall at the place. “We’re really excited about it,” said Charity. “Claire (Teeters) helped us obtain the photograph and we are happy to share some local history.”

Jojo’s is open Mon­day through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Closed Sunday.

They can be found on Twitter, Yelp, Facebook and Insta­gram. Jojo’s Grill-A-Dog is located at 33694 Yucaipa Blvd. Suite 1. The phone number is 797-2444.


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