YVWD General Manager Joe Zoba, left, and the board of directors break ground on the new recycled water pipeline project. 

Yucaipa Valley Water District held a groundbreaking ceremony for a recycled water pipeline in Calimesa on June 3. Local dignitaries and community leaders gathered at Calimesa Event Center to listen to the presentation by the YVWD Board of Directors.

Chris Mann, YVWD board president, spoke about the recycling project. He talked specifically about current times of drought.

“We are seeing currently what happened in communities where they are overly reliant on one source of water,” said Mann. “Recycled water has allowed Yucaipa and Calimesa to remain resilient, to be able to grow economically (and) to be able to build. We often get questions, ‘how are you approving development when we are in a state of drought?’ Well, it’s (because of) projects like this.”

Calimesa Mayor Bill Davis praised the project. He said it is long overdue and looks forward to the benefits of the water pipeline project.  

The Calimesa Recycled Water Pipeline Project consists of 11,846 linear feet of 24-inch pipe. The new pipeline will expand the recycled water system to over 34 miles of recycled water pipelines in Yucaipa and Calimesa. According to YVWD, there are over 875 individual recycled water customers in the community. It is one of the most extensive recycled water programs in the entire state. The new system reduces the amount of drinking water used by new homes by 75% to 80% per house.

According to a press release by YVWD, by using recycled water on parks, schools and golf courses, the Yucaipa Valley Water District has been able to reduce the amount of drinking water used in the community by over 15% a year. By saving 15% of total water demands each year for the past seven years, YVWD has accumulated over one year of water supply for the community.


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The obscene charges for sewer alone by YVWD is grounds for an investigation. This rogue public agencies pays obscene salaries, benefits and the highest public employee pension rate in the county. The voters should replace every member of this agency’s board of directors with people who will keep costs reasonable not merely pass on the costs of feathering their own nests.


Recycled, or non-potable from the Feather River water project source ? I don't recall any pumps/pipeline being installed to lift the water back up from Crow canyon. Is this 24" line the link to finally bring the water back from the sewer plant? Too often, the paper prints half truths, the system will EVENTUALLY include 'recycled' water. For years, the purple pipes have simply supplied untreated water from the State water project, water that could be restoring our aquifer instead of supplying cheap water to golf courses. We are in drought, the State water could simply stop flowing. Water rates have gone sky high for long time residents, yet 'City staff' plans to create 'wine country' in what (once was lush/green) has become a very arid valley.

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