Fourth Street, looking north from County Line Road, will get improvements on east side of the street.

During the vote on the consent agenda at the Dec. 13, Yucaipa City Council’s last meeting for 2021, the council voted to approve the Fourth Street Drainage and Sidewalk Improvements Project. This project will be funded entirely by a CDBG grant (Community Development Block Grant). The approved FY 2021/2022 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) includes multiple projects funded through the CDBG grant program. This grant provides funding for pedestrian and transit related improvements including sidewalks, curbs, ramps, bus stop improvements and curb/gutters. In 2020 Yucaipa city council approved the submission of an application requesting $111,738 CDBG funding to design and construct infill curb, gutter and sidewalk on the east side of Fourth Street, between County Line Road and Avenue H. This funding was approved and in 2021, the city applied for and was granted an additional $194,000 in CDBG funding to fully fund the construction project. The project is consistent with the city’s general plan circulation element and is included in the adopted 2021/2022 CIP, consisting of the construction of curb, gutter, sidewalk and concrete drive approaches. This project will complement the County Line Road Corridor Improvements project which is currently being advertised for construction bids by the city of Calimesa. The city engineer’s estimate for this project is $184,000. I.E. General Engineering, Inc. is the apparent low bidder with a bid in the amount of $172,032. This bid was reviewed and compared with current market bid prices and determined that the bid received is consistent with the current construction market. The bid documents of I.E. General Engineering, Inc. were reviewed and city staff determined that they met the contract specifications for the project. I.E. General Engineering, Inc. has completed previous similar work for the city of Yucaipa and other public agencies and their work has been deemed satisfactory. The total estimated construction costs for this project is $224,032.00 with the proposed project costs being $270,032.00. There is sufficient funding available to accommodate staff’s recommendations. The public can view this information at yucaipa.org


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[whistling] What's the quid pro quo, in other words, does Yucaipa have to give something to get something? Oft times, the Feds condition 'grants' on certain performance, like requiring cities to build out more 'low-income' housing, which leads to more crime.

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