The El Dorado Fire is at 14,478 acres and is 44% contained.

The morning update on Sept. 14 states, the El Dorado Fire burned actively overnight and has become established into Mountain Home Creek. Any remaining residents in Angelus Oaks are asked to evacuate NOW.  Firefighters have built a contingency line between the fire and the Angelus Oaks community to plan for this possibility. Currently, the fire is near Angelus Oaks but burning actively upslope towards San Bernardino Peak (northwest) as it aligns with canyons and upslope wind influence. The weather remains dry and hot with unstable air over the fire area. Increased smoke will be visible from the surrounding communities.

Fire resources will continue building indirect hand lines and directly attacking the fire while air resources support the efforts on the ground with water and retardant drops to slow the fire progression.  Structure protection continues in the Angelus Oaks area.

Along Hwy 38, the fire continues to back down the slope and burn eastward along Mill Creek. The fire continues to actively creep down to the Forest Falls community. The fire line behind Forest Falls continues to hold and firefighters continue to  work in and around this community. Fire crews continue working to extend the fire line along Mill Creek from Vivian Creek to last month’s Apple Fire scar.

Residents of Mountain Home, we ask for your patience.  Our work in and around your community is not complete yet and we ask that you stay away from your homes for a little longer.


The weather remains hot and dry with upslope winds during the afternoons and downslope winds in the evening. Predictive Services division of the Southern California Geographic Area Coordination Center has issued a fuels advisory for excessively dry fuels throughout California due to drought conditions and hot temperatures.


•  Highway 38 is closed between Bryant Street to the south and Onyx to the north  


Evacuation Orders:

Evacuation Orders Remain In Effect for Mountain Home Village, Forest Falls, Angelus Oaks and Seven Oaks. All residents who have not yet evacuated in the Angelus Oaks area please EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY!!! 

Please see map link:



The El Dorado Fire Unified Incident Commanders continue to ask visitors to consider rescheduling planned visits to the Big Bear area due to fire activity Please check the Big Bear Fire Department Travel Advisory for the reasons why:


The entire Forest was closed to all public use at 5 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 7.  Please see for more information.


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