Deputies are investigating a protest that turned to civil unrest/unlawful assembly and assault on a peace officer

According to a press release by San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, on Saturday, Aug. 1, a protest group of approximately 80 members drove to the Stater Bros. on Yucaipa Boulevard. Yucaipa residents and counter protesters also gathered in the area. Sheriff’s personnel were on hand to keep the peace between the estimated 280 participants.

The protesters began driving west on Yucaipa Boulevard and then a number of them illegally blocked traffic and began walking east in the middle of the road. This action, coupled with opposing groups gathered on both sides of the protest, created a volatile situation which was then deemed an unlawful assembly. Deputies from the Yucaipa Police Department shut down the section of Yucaipa Boulevard between Fourth Street and Fifth Street to prevent any harm to participants and to prevent further illegal activity that would impact the community. The Sheriff’s Mobile Field Force deployed into the street to prevent any violence or property damage. Dispersal orders were given both by ground units and by Sheriff’s aviation unit 40KING.

A car occupied by Gilbert Nunez, 37, of San Fernando, Michael Nunez, 33, of San Bernardino and Andres Medina, 41, of Rialto, drove recklessly through the closed roadway and yelled profanities toward the crowd of residents. While attempting to stop and detain the subjects, Sheriff’s personnel were nearly struck by Medina who was driving the vehicle erratically. In an attempt to escape, Michael Nunez ran from the car, but was arrested by deputies. Medina and Gilbert Nunez fled the scene in the vehicle but were apprehended blocks from the incident. Several hammers, makeshift weapons, and 2-way radios were located in the vehicle. All the suspects were booked for felony charges at West Valley Detention Center to include assault on a Peace Officer with a deadly weapon.

Several in the crowd refused to comply with the dispersal orders and were arrested. Sylvia Anguiano, 34, of North Hills, was driving her vehicle with her juvenile son in the car doing circles within the roadway and stopped sideways while she yelled at counter protesters several times, placing her child in the middle of a potential riot. After briefly leaving the area, Anguiano returned and drove into the closed roadway once again. She was subsequently arrested and transported to the Yucaipa Station. Mayra Grajeda, 27, of Banning, Crystal Duarte, 25, of San Bernardino, Tobias Walnofer, 25, of Redlands, Daniel Garris, 35, of Yucaipa, were also arrested.

During their arrests, one deputy was assaulted by several protesters. A loaded firearm was dropped by one of the protesters, which was recovered by deputies. The identification of others involved in the assault on the deputy is ongoing.

At the conclusion of the event, which lasted approximately two and a half hours, there were reports of only minor vandalism with no damage to businesses, and no reports of injuries associated with the event.

Anyone with information related to the incident is asked to contact the Yucaipa Police Department at 918-2305. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous may contact We-Tip at 1-888-78-CRIME.

Update Aug. 7: It was later confirmed that Garris, of Yucaipa was arrested but not cited. He was transported to and released at Yucaipa Sheriff's Station. He declined to comment on the matter during a phone interview.


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Your pic is of a Yucaipian stopping a suspect's car with a bat then being held at gunpoint by the police for trying to help them. You are fake news.

Tom Cowan

Wow! I guess we should all get our bats and "help" the police against their wishes. I hope you figure it out soon.


[innocent] Released without charges. I have caught fleeing suspects in the past with much thanks; also saved a life on the blvd, tried to leave before identified. Your community leo watch caught one of them and didn't identify the homeless person that did a good deed. The motorcycle wreck april last year in front of Cucas was recorded by many, only one lady stepped up to help by using his phone to call his wife while he was bleeding out. I was soaked in blood from head to toe and heard he needed 5 liters of blood. I don't ever look to cause harm, just aid.

I was at work when this incident happened on saturday, and some customers were almost hit. I came out when he tried coming back. He almost hit one of his own, so nobody else mattered. I was trying to prevent loss of life, and he nearly ran a cop over later. He would have been better off stopping when I stopped him.


I may sue you anyways because this is already out and I am already seeing a negative response from your false accusations.


Fake news. I was released without charges. I was trying to stop the fleeing car with the bat, and it worked for a bit. Then the crowd charged me. I held the bat by the tip with my right hand and held my left out open palm as I backed towards the police, hoping for protection. Instead, I had a gun pointed at my face. I was arrested then later released with no charges from the Yucaipa Sheriffs Station. I was not booked or charged. You are posting FAKE NEWS that is against me. Change this or face public defamation charges. I will sue.

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